Release Notes for Version 1.21.2134

  • January 25, 2017
    • Picking Slip - A print option has been added to show 'Short Code' for project hardware.
    • A new security item has been added in Enterprise for Purchase Orders  ('Allow non-stock expense products'). This will require user authorization to add a Non-stock and/or Expense product to a Purchase Order.  This has been introduced to help minimize the unintentional and/or oversight when adding a product that was thought to be a Stock product.
    • Corrected image report error in SpecWriter.
    • Corrected 'Unapplied Deposit' report to ignore future dated payments when backdating the report.
    • 'Prep Qty Break' column has been added to the Catalog/Prep window. This feature provides a means to have the system set a hardware quantity to 1 instead of the default hardware quantity.
    • Refinements to Assa's  AAOS import are included with this release.
    • Receiving Report now has an option to print line item notes.
  • February 10, 2017
    • Corrected Booking Listing report for intermittent incorrect reporting of contract values for change orders.
    • Corrected for error when selecting hardware options defaults in Hardware/Default Options window.
  • March 7, 2017
    • Supplier Master/Division Tab, PO Report Types now provides a column 'Report' to define specifically which door and/or frame PO report to use with this supplier.
    • Sourcing restrictions relating to 'Missing Properties' has been refined to allow system administrators more flexibility in controlling the degree of restriction users possess in bypassing 'Missing Property' messages.  Where the product supplier is setup for electronic ordering (EDI), users will not, by default, be able to bypass missing property messages. However, those users who have access to the System Options/EdI Configuration window (typically only system administrations) can set the 'Allow Missing Properties' field to be checked. This will allow users to proceed with sourcing even though they will still be presented with the messages. It is important to note, that if this restriction is removed, even though the Purchase Order can be created, it will not be eligible for EDI transmission.
    • Customer Return window now provides for an 'Open' status.  This provides a means to enter and print a Customer Return document without the system returning the application material to the pool. Once the product has been confirmed as returned the customer return may be set to Released and then Completed as normal. If for whatever reason, the product has not been returned or not accepted as returned, the 'Open' status customer returned may be modified to reflect those conditions.
    • Sales Order with Retention - Where a line item is designated as tax exempt, the subsequent invoice now shows the correct 'no-tax' amount.
    • Corrected quantity when you change a frame to an elevation for an opening with a greater quantity of 1 or change its quantity when it's an elevation.
  • April 5, 2017
    • Corrected Advantage 'History logging' of reverse order Phase changes.
  • May 8, 2017
    • Managed Product - Details/Purchase Order tab - Added column for ETA date.
    • Customer Statement - Corrected for interest calculation not recognizing due date.
    • Purchase Order - Standard Print format - Added option to print hardware short code and reference name (See attachment POExample_ShortCode.jpg). To setup this feature, go to menu 'Reports/Reports Management', report type  'Purchase Order'. The 'reference' name is set by default to 'Tag#' but may be changed to suit your requirement.
    • Emailing invoices now uses the Customer Master, Credit/Collections contact primary email address.
  • May 16, 2017
    • The door and frame configuration window for building Managed Product now has an option to enter values using Metric measurements (See bottom left of configuration window).
    • When building equivalent product in the Managed Product window for doors and frames, the configuration window is now pre-populated with the values associated with the managed product. This allows for much quicker equivalent product definition as users now only need to change those applicable values.  
    • Sales Order - Terms can now be changed after sourcing provided there is sufficient available credit.
    • Advantage takeoff import now provides for importing of frame jamb.
    • Enterprise generic 'Metal Door Purchase Order' and 'Wood Door Purchase Order' will now group leaf 1 and 2 of paired openings and show consecutively on the purchase order report.  
  • June 8
    • Corrected Sales Report double reporting sales where project sections were assigned to different inside salespersons.
  • June 9
    • Corrected for invalid error message when saving a managed product where an equivalent product has been assigned for to a warehouse to which the current users is not authorized. The system was forcing the user to assign their warehouse to the equivalent before the record could be saved.
  • June 15
    • Corrected for condition where combining of purchase orders included an already released PO.
    • For 'Deleted' purchase orders, a 'Modify' button has been added to the right of the 'Internal Notes' field to allow entry of a note after the PO has been deleted.
    • Corrected for condition where territory would not save in the Project Setup window.
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