ASSA ABLOY Door and Frame Electronic Ordering


  1. Comsense and Assa Abloy have collaborated in the development of an extension to Comsense Opening Suite by providing distributors the ability to electronically submit project/sales order purchase orders as well as Stock Replenishment purchase orders for Curries and Ceco Door Products.
  2. For Ceco orders, users have the option to submit orders directly through DOT or use Assa's EDGE ordering method. This option to use DOT is not yet available for Curries orders. Users have the option to choose which submission option to use with each order. The default option may be established during the initial setup operations. This default option may be subsequently changed by contacting Comsense Support services. When utilizing the EDGE option, the EDGE application is launched automatically with order information automatically populated from the Enterprise Purchase Order.  Users have the opportunity to review & modify the order as needed and then submit the final reviewed/modified order using the EDGE actions.
  3. The Comsense Curries and CECO catalogs have been expanded to include some additional 'Properties', some of which are designated as  'Required' values that, by default, must be populated before sourcing to a  purchase order (failure to do so will negate the ability to submit the purchase order electronically. However, for those orders being submitted using Assa's EDGE order process, settings may be set to allow bypass of those required values with the assumption that those missing values would be populated in the EDGE application.)
  4. The procedure for submitting the Purchase Order electronically is simply choosing 'Create EDI' in the Purchase order window and populating a general instruction page for quoting, shipping and any special instructions before clicking the 'Send' button. 

Setup procedures

  1. The first step is to contact Comsense Support to schedule the following:
    1. Comsense setup of EDI settings in your system.
    2. Provide instructions on how to 'Follow' any changes to our technical notes and/or EDI client changes that may require downloading.
  2. Schedule a short training session with Comsense Support (email to request a training session).
    1. Review EDI configuration master setup.  NOTE: Where both Ceco and Curries are potential order candidates and where users will be using Ceco default order method to be "DOT" rather than "EDGE", two rows may be set up in the EDI Configuration. One to set the 'Allow Missing Properties' (IE for EDGE orders) and one set to not 'Allow Missing Properties' (IE for DOT orders).
    2. User master:
      1. Set ‘Create EDI when Releasing PO
      2. Review or Add ‘Contact’ record, including contact email.
    3. Supplier master:
      1. Profile tab – Populate ‘Supplier Customer Account #’ with Ceco's account code.
      2. PO Reports tab – Populate ‘EDI Configuration’ field and ensure 'PO Report Type' and 'Report' fields are accurate and complete.
      3. Security - Inventory/Purchasing, Purchase Order:
        1. Assign access for ‘Create an EDI file for a Purchase Order’
      4. Review Ceco Managed Stocking product to ensure all are configured based on Comsense Ceco catalog (NOTE: Commodity doors cannot be ordered electronically).

Submitting a Purchase Order

    1. DO NOT attempt to perform the sourcing with the 'Ignore Missing Properties' option checked. The system will not allow you to submit any resulting Purchase Order with missing 'required' property values.
    2. Be sure that a final ‘Validate’ EDI process is performed (See the 'Create EDI' toolbar icon in the Advantage Pricing and/or Sales Order windows) before attempting to source to a purchase order. This ensures that your product definitions will pass the most recent validation tests before attempting to submit your purchase order.
  2. From your ‘Purchase Order Management’ window, choose the applicable order to be submitted and click the ‘Purchase Order’ hyperlink to display.mceclip0.png
  3. Set the Purchase Order status to ‘Released’ and click save.  You will then be presented with the following ‘Generate Report’ window where you will click the tool bar item ‘Create EDI’.mceclip1.png
  4. The next ‘Comsense to Assa’ window will then be presented. Click on drop-down arrows to select from available options (Note: For your initial PO submission and/or notification of 'Program Type' changes, see the ‘Program Types’ tab to refine the list of 'Program Types' applicable to your organization – see second screenshot below) and click ‘Send’ at the bottom of the window. Review the 'Use Edge' check box on the bottom left and click the check box if orders are being submitted using Assa's EDGE order submission application (Leave unchecked if the order is to be submitted directly to Ceco DOT).EDI1.jpg  mceclip3.png
  5. The status of your submitted purchase order will then be displayed in the body of this window. If the order has been successfully submitted where 'Use Edge' is not checked (IE - Submitting directly to Ceco DOT), it will show as in example # 1 below with Ceco’s order number  (X06J5A in this example). If the order is successfully submitted where 'Use EDGE' is checked, the EDGE project ID# will be shown in example # 3 below AND Assa's EDGE application will be automatically launched (See example # 4 below). If the order has not been submitted successfully, it will show as in example # 2 below indicating an error and additional technical information for your support group to assist in researching causes of the error (This error is typical of an internet connection disruption or temporary WEB service disruption at Ceco/Curries). As Curries do not provide an option as yet to send orders directly to DOT, if a user attempts to submit an order where the 'Use Edge' is NOT checked, an error will be presented to the user (See example # 5 below).




    Example # 1 (Successful transmission of CECO DOT order)CecoEDISuccessful.png

    Example # 2 (Error transmitting DOT order)CecoEDIUnsuccesful.png

    Example # 3 (Successful transmission of EDGE order)EDI3.png


         Example # 4 (Edge launch)Example4.jpg


  Example # 5 (Curries error when attempting to submit using DOT)



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