Removing and Changing Tax Codes on Projects (Tax Exemptions, Tax on Cost, Change Orders)

The following steps are to be completed in the Original Project in the Pricing window unless stated otherwise.

1. Unselect Exempt and C/O Exempt Default checkboxes for all tax codes that will be removed.
2. Open Tax Exempt & On Cost Wizard.         
3. Use both ‘Unselect All…’ buttons at the bottom of the window to unselect each tax code that
will be removed. Do not use the ‘Duplicate selection…’ button.
4. Some change orders may have Product/Miscellaneous cost groups that were not included in the Original Project and were added on a change order. These cost groups will need to be removed individually for each change order. Record each change order number and the cost groups being removed. This will be used when adding the new tax code.
5. Ensure that the Tax On Cost & Tax Exempt columns has the appropriate values. Example: All tax codes will be removed. These columns should have a value of ‘0’ in both. This will help identify any issue before proceeding to the next step. If the Hardware – Hinges cost group had a value of $100.00 in Tax On Cost, then we’ve forgotten to remove the Tax On Cost for hinges in step #3.
6. In the Project Pricing tab, right-click in the tax field and select Edit Project Taxes.
7. Unselect all checked items under the Exempt column for each tax code or use the Unselect All button.
8. Delete all tax codes that will be removed and add the new tax code in the upper pane.

Note:  If a change order was created and no cost groups are in the Project Pricing tab, an error will prompt when clicking OK.  This occurs when the Exempt checkbox is unselected for that particular change order. 

9. After adding the new tax code, open the Original Project as normal and reselect all Tax Exemption and Tax On Cost via their checkbox. Once this is complete, save and close, then go into each change order recorded in step #4 and re-select the appropriate Product/Miscellaneous cost groups that were unselected in step #4.

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