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Lite and Louver Groups and Property Instructions

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Standard Frame Pricing

Per the most recent de la Fontaine price book and in our conversations with them, de la Fontaine no longer maintains standout pricing for hinge jambs, strike jambs, and headers. 

Instead, they preconfigure sized openings without any preps applied -- including hinge and strike preps.

Accordingly, our software prices these products the same way, using "SGL" and "DBL" descriptions which will then require preps applied in order to price and order properly.

For inventorying KD or welded frames, this makes building the products in Enterprise even easier than a typical hollow metal database: simply configure the frame exactly as you would in Advantage.

Frame Component Pricing

Where frame components like hinge and strike jambs are inventoried, de la Fontaine requires those materials to be ordered like an elevation component with mitre, anchor, and hardware preps applied, which can be configured as a managed product in Enterprise. If KD tabs are required, you are required to apply the prep "KD" rather than a CONS attribute.

Note: Our initial release of this database (v2-0) requires manual pricing for these components. We will add support for automatic pricing for these components in a future update.

4" Head Detailing, Pricing and Submittals - Rev 7/29/2022

Detailing Frames with 4 inch Heads
The per foot pricing method used by De La Fontaine does not work for pricing 4" HD's
because there are no frame components thus the per foot pricing calculates the entire perimeter of the frame when trying to price a 4" HD, obviously creating a pricing discrepancy. We have developed 3 pricing groups for this release. Size from 1'0" thru 10'0' with the pricing included for each size, gauge and width of head.


Pricing 4 Inch Heads
The pricing example below has pricing for 4" heads on a 1'0", 2'0" and 3'0" frame
It also has a standard frame with 2" head for pricing comparison.


Submittal with 4" Heads
4" Head Pricing Code Defined















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