Deleting a Project with No Sourcing

How to: Delete a project that is sold and no product is sourced.

Environment: Comsense Advantage

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Unselling the Project

In the Pricing window: 

  1. Click Sold
Click image to enlarge
Pricing window; shows the location of the Sold button.
Image 1: Sold Button

In the Sections to Sell window:

  1. Uncheck all the checked checkboxes
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Sections to Sell window; shows all the unchecked checkboxes.
Image 2: Unchecked Sell Checkboxes
  1. Click OK
  2. Click Save & Close

The project sections are no longer sold.

Deleting the Project

*Note: You cannot delete a project if any products are sourced.

In the Project window:

  1. Check the Deleted checkbox
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Projects window; shows the location of the Deleted Checkbox.
Image 3: Delete Project Checkbox

In the Project Delete Confirmation dialog box:

  1. Click Yes
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Project Delete Confirmation dialog box.
Image 4: Project Delete Confirmation

The project is now deleted.

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