Merging Two Projects

How to: Merge two projects into one.

Environment: Comsense Advantage


Comsense Advantage does not have a project merging feature. To merge the information from two projects into one, you must add the information manually. Determine the best procedure by reviewing the stage of your project and the purpose of the merge. If you are unsure of the best procedure for your situation, Contact support for assistance.

Estimating Project Example

If the projects are in estimating:

  1. Determine which project has the most data
  2. Duplicate the project
  3. Copy in the hardware sets
  4. Add the other project's information manually

Detailing Project Example 1

If the project is in detailing and the architect adds an entirely new phase with a contract amount change, Create a New Change Order to add the other project information. Choosing a change order ensures complete documentation of the contract amount changes and how you handle the money for the additional openings. The base project shows the original contract amount and the change order shows the additional costs. The additional costs on the change order can follow the same cost/sell formula from the base project or can have a different markup percentage.

*Note: Openings added by change order require a new change order for future updates.

Detailing Project Example 2

If the projects are in detailing and you need to merge the projects for contract purposes, manually add the openings from the smaller project to the project with more data and adjust the contract amount.

*Note: Users require administrative capabilities to adjust contract amounts.

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