Replacing an Attribute on Multiple Openings

How to: Replace an attribute on multiple openings.

Environment: Comsense Advantage

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Understanding the Global Replace Function

The Global Replace is a change order function that replaces the same attribute(s) on multiple openings e.g. changing all door cores from particleboard core to hollow core. This function is useful for large projects and change orders where individually updating openings with the same criteria is time-consuming. You cannot use Global Replace on opening line items, you must use the function toward a specific door or frame. To use the Global Replace function, the door or frame must:

  • Have the same manufacturer
  • Require the same replacement attribute

Filtering the Opening List

The Global Replace function replaces the attribute(s) on all openings listed in the Change Order window. Before using the Global Replace function, make sure the Change Order window only lists the openings included in the global replace by either:

  • Only including the openings associated with this change on your change order
  • Filtering the openings by the manufacturer and any other associated attributes
    • E.g. Filter by the manufacturer and the core type you want to update

Always double-check the opening list contains the correct openings before using the Global Replace function.

Click image to enlarge
Detailing Filter window; shows the door type filtered by manufacturer and core type.
Image 1: Manufacturer & Core Type Filter

Replacing the Attribute(s)

Once the Master Schedule pane only lists the correct openings for the update, you can use the Global Replace function.

In the Master Schedule pane:

  1. Click an Opening Line Item

In the Door Leafs or Frame pane:

  1. Right-click on the line item
  2. Click Global Replace
Click image to enlarge
Change Order window; shows the Door line item right-click menu and the location of Global Replace.
Image 2: Door Leaf Right-Click Menu

In the Door Global Replace window:

  1. Enter the manufacturer code
  2. Enter the new attribute
Click image to enlarge
Global Replace window; shows the manufacturer and new core type attribute.
Image 3: Replace Attributes
  1. Click OK

The openings will update.

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