Comsense Academy Course Directory

The Comsense Academy Course Directory is a working list of the courses available in our learning management system, Comsense Academy. Comsense Academy is available to all Comsense customers at no extra cost. We will add courses to the directory as they are uploaded to Comsense Academy. Each course listed below links directly to the course in Comsense Academy. 

*Note: You must enroll in the course to view the course content.

If you are interested in exploring the Comsense Academy courses, Contact support for a registration key.

Course Directory Categories:

System Administration

  1. Program & Catalog Updates
  2. Image Updates
  3. Company Master
  4. Division Maintenance
  5. Security Manager
  6. Project Sections


  1. User Preferences

System Options Files

  1. System Options Files
  2. Pricing Formulas
  3. Reporting Class
  4. Tax List
  5. Terms
  6. Customer Master
  7. Supplier Master


  1. Product Cost Groups
  2. Product Categories
  3. Manufacturer Set Up
  4. Project Types
  5. Recipient Bid Status
  6. Project Rating
  7. Finish Favorites
  8. Architect
  9. Preamble Sections
  10. Label & Rating
  11. Degree of Opening


  1. Hardware Grid
  2. Manufacturer Attributes
  3. Door Definition
  4. Frame Definition
  5. Door & Frame Parts
  6. Door & Frame Preps
  7. Discounts
  8. Shop Departments
  9. Inhouse Labor
  10. Elevations Defaults
  11. Heading Builder Maintenance


  1. Currency
  2. Province/State
  3. Country
  4. Phone Types
  5. Email Types
  6. Activity Types
  7. Activity Subjects
  8. Region
  9. Enterprise Division Master
  10. Enterprise Company Master
  11. Warehouse Areas
  12. Warehouse Master
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