Transferring Product from Pool

How to: Transfer product from pool to stock or pool to garbage.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise

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Understanding Product Transfers from Pool

The pool temporarily holds unsourced product(s) from a canceled order or product from a customer return. The product remains in the pool until you transfer the product to the final location. You must remove any unsourced or returned product from the pool by Supplier Return, Pool to Stock transfer, or Pool to Garbage transfer.

Accessing Pool Management

The Pool Management window can initiate both Pool Stock and Pool Garbage transfers. It is best to use the Pool Management window when dealing with the pool because you can complete multiple transfers in one window.

Enterprise > Inventory/Purchasing > Pool Management

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Enterprise Navigation menu; shows the location of Purchasing/Inventory and Pool Management.
Image 1: Enterprise Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Transferring Product from Pool

Selecting the Pool Product

In the Pool Management window:

  1. Click New Pool Stock or New Pool Garbage
    • The Pool Selection window will open
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Pool Management window; shows the location of New Pool Stock transfer and New Pool Garbage transfer.
Image 2: New Pool Stock & New Pool Garbage

In the Pool Selection window:

  1. Filter the pool products to display the appropriate product(s)
    • Usually by Order Number or Suggested Disposition
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Pool Selection window; shows the pool product list filtered by Order Number.
Image 3: Filtered Pool Products
  1. Check the Select checkbox(es)
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Pool Selection window; shows the checked Select checkboxes.
Image 4: Selected Pool Products
  1. Click OK

Transferring a Non-Stock Product from Pool to Stock

*Note: If you are completing a pool to garbage transfer, proceed with Completing the Transfer.

Comsense allows you to transfer non-stock products from pool to stock. To transfer the non-stock product, you must group the product with a similar managed product.

In the Pool Stock window:

  1. Right-click on the Product line item
  2. Click Add Managed Product
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Pool Stock window; shows the product line items right-click menu.
Image 5: Product Line Item Right-Click Menu

In the Warehouse Product Selection window:

  1. Filter the Managed Product
  2. Select the Managed Product line item
  3. Click Add
Click image to enlarge
Warehouse Product Selection window; shows the managed product line item and the location of the Add button.
Image 6: Warehouse Product & Add Button
  1. Click OK

Completing the Transfer

In the Pool Stock or Pool Garbage window, Add any applicable notes and Click Save & Close

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Pool Stock window; shows the location of the Note field with an example transfer note.
Image 7: Pool Transfer Notes

The pool product is now in the stock or garbage.

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