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How to: Save preps to history and load preps from history.

Environment: Comsense Advantage

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Understanding Prep History

Preps history is a feature in the Default Preps window that loads saved preps from previous projects. The purpose of the feature is to save you time applying preps by minimizing manual data input.

Saving Default Preps to History

When you save a default prep from a project it saves to the system and is available for other projects. We recommend saving commonly used preps for future use. Prep history can be saved for both door and frame preps.

In the Default Preps window, Check the History checkbox on the prep line item.

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Image 1: History Checkbox

Loading Preps from History

The Load Preps from History window automatically opens the first time you load the manufacturer in the Default Preps window for the specific project.

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Image 2: Load Preps From History Window

You can also prompt the loading history preps window by Clicking the Load from History button.

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Image 3: Load from History Button

Understanding History Prep Criteria

In the Load Preps From History window, you can select inhouse preps, factory preps, or no preps for both doors and frames as well as inhouse labor installation.

Always pay close attention to the prep history assignment section. Adding history preps to existing default preps adds any history preps to the Default Preps window without affecting the preps in place. Overwriting existing default preps overwrites every prep in the Default Preps window, including the preps with no saved history prep. Preps with no saved history prep will be overwritten as blank.

*Note: If you select None and Overwrite Existing Default Preps in the Loading Preps from History window, the feature removes all default preps from the selected prep type (door/frame).

Selecting History Prep Criteria

In the Load Preps From History for window:

  1. Select the prep criteria
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Image 4: History Prep Criteria
  1. Select the installation criteria if applicable
  2. Select the method to assign history preps
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Image 5: Method to Assign History Preps
  1. Click OK

The default preps will load from the history.

Reviewing Preps Saved to History

The Prep History Review window allows you to:

  • Update saved prep property values
  • Remove any incorrectly saved preps
  • Copy prep history to another division

Accessing Prep History Review

Advantage > Catalog Maint. > Prep History Review

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Image 6: Advantage Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Updating Saved Prep Property Values

In the Prep History Review window:

  1. Right-click on the prep line item
  2. Click Edit Properties
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Image 7: History Prep Right-Click Menu

In the Property Values window:

  1. Update the Property Value field
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Image 8: Property Values Window
  1. Click OK

Removing Prep History

To remove a saved prep from the system, Uncheck the Select checkbox. The line item will disappear.

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Image 9: Selected Checkbox

Copying Prep History to Another Division

Copying prep history to another division copies all prep line items.

To copy the prep history to another division:

  1. Click the Copy History button
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Image 10: Copy History Button
  1. Select the copy to division
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Image 11: Selected Checkbox
  1. Click OK

The prep history is now available in the selected division.

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