Changes to Allegion's Canadian Catalogues

Change: Allegion is moving their Canadian three-digit price books to North American standard two-digit price books.

Environment: Allegion's Canadian Catalogues & Comsense Opening Suite

What's new:

North American Standard Price Books

Allegion is moving their Canadian price books to the North American Standard price books. North American standard price price books use the same two-digit manufacturer codes for all of North America.

Transition Period Timeline

March 29, 2021 - April 2, 2021: All existing Canadian Allegion customer will be subscribed to the two-digit manufacturer database

April 2, 2021: Comsense stops pricing updates in the three-digit manufacturer database

April 2, 2021 - April 2, 2022: Three-digit manufacturer database is available with pre-transition pricing

April 2, 2022: Three-digit manufacturer database is obsolete

Transition Period User-Responsibilities

The new two-digit price book becomes available with the catalogue update notification. Apply the catalogue update as soon as available.

Users must give special attention to ensure a smooth transition to the new price book. Review the procedures below and Contact Support for assistance with the procedures or any support required for the transition.

  1. Set up manufacturer details
    1. Set the manufacturer's currency to CAD where necessary
      • Advantage > Maintenance > Manufacturer
    2. Set up the suppliers or the new manufacturers
      • Advantage > Maintenance > Manufacturer
  2. Set up catalogue settings and buying programs
    1. Configure catalogue settings for new manufacturers as necessary
      • Advantage > Catalog Maint. > Catalog Settings
    2. Configure buying programs and discouunts
      • Advantage > Catalog Maint. > Discounts
  3. Enable search for new price books
    1. Search in the Manufacturer Selection window
      • Advantage > Tools > System Administration > Manufacturer Selection
    2. Check the Selected for Search checkbox
  4. Create new managed products via the Product Master window to replace the old products
    1. Set old product as an equivalent in the new product's Equivalent tab
  5. Migrate the inventory from the previous price book to the new price book via Product Count
    • *Note: Inventory migration will cause a variance in financial reporting. New product will inventory at it's replenishment cost rather than the received cost of the old product
  6. Modify the usage report if you use the stock replenishment process for any of the affected products. Only complete this procedure at the end of the month to prevent data loss from overwriting previous usage data. We recommend you:
    1. Filter and Review old products in the Managed Product Management window
    2. Create new products in the Product Master window using the product list from the Managed Product Management window
    3. Copy the old product's data from the Actual Usage column
    4. Paste the data in the new product's Adjusted Usage column
  7. Ensure users are specifying the correct manufacturer and product

Removing the Three-Digit Price Book from Search

If you no longer need the three-digit price book, a system administrator can remove the price book from search to prevent users from accidentally using the products.

*Note: Price book search visibility is by division.

Advantage > Tools > System Administration > Manufacturer Selection

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Image 1: Manufacturer Selection Pathway

In the Manufacturer Selection window, Uncheck the Selected for Search checkbox and Click OK.

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Image 2: Manufacturer Unselected for Search
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