Report & Submittal Export Methods

*Note: The legacy Submittal and Advantage Reports tool will be obsolete by January 2022. We recommend Setting Up the New Submittal & Advantage Reports Tool as soon as possible and familiarizing yourself with the interface and usage.

Feature: Report and submittal export methods.

Environment: Comsense Advantage & Enterprise

How they work:

The Report and Submittal window toolbars have six export methods. See the table below for details on the functions and additional notes.

Report & Submittal Export Methods
Export Method Export Function Notes
Default Viewer Preview the report using the default application of the save format e.g. pdf, docx etc. Select the save format in the Parameters pane.
Preview Preview the report using the Comsense Previewer

From preview, you can open in default viewer, Save, Email, and Print

Quick Print Send the report to the printer with no prompt You cannot select printing preferences
Print Send the report to the printer with prompt You can select printing preferences 
Save Save the report preferences and save the report in selected Save Format  
Email Email the report via Outlook in the selected Save Format The Report window closes before Outlook opens
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