Setting Up Submittal Templates for the Advantage Submittal Tool

How to: Set up submittal templates for the Advantage Submittal tool.

Environment: Comsense Enterprise or Comsense Advantage (Version and later)

Security Requirements: 

  • Reports
    • Report Management 
      • Open Report Management
      • Save Report Management

In this article:

Accessing Report Management

*Note: The user creating or updating submittal templates requires the appropriate security permissions to access the Report Management window.

Opening Suite Users

Enterprise > Reports > Report Management

Click image to enlarge
Enterprise Navigation menu; shows the location of Reports and Report Management.

Advantage-Only Users

Advantage > Tools > System Administration > Report Management

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Advantage window; shows the pathway from the top tool bar to Report Management.

Accessing Submittal Templates

In the Report Management menu pane, Find your division and under the division header, Click Submittal Templates. A list of the division's submittal templates will populate in the Division Template pane.

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Report Management window; shows the location of the Division headers and Submittal Templates.

Setting Up Submittal Templates

The New Submittal tool does not have any preset templates. All submittal templates must be manually created by division.

Adding a Template

In the fillable line item:

  1. Enter the template name in the Description field
Click image to enlarge
Report Management window, Submittal templates pane; shows the location of the Description field with an example description.
  1. Select your report formatting preferences
    • Scroll horizontally to see all preference selections

In the fillable line item of the Reports pane:

  1. Select a report from the drop-down list
Click image to enlarge
Report Management window, Reports pane; shows the Reports drop-down list.
  1. Repeat step 2 for each applicable report
  2. Click Save

Sorting the Reports in the Template

The reports in the submittal template are listed in the order they are added. To change the sort order, Drag & Drop the reports using the Select button on the report line item.

Click image to enlarge
Report Management window, Reports pane; shows the location of the select button and has an arrow illustrating the movement of the report line item.

Using the Submittal Template in the Advantage Submittal Window

To use the template in the submittal window, Click Template and Select the submittal template.

Click image to enlarge
Submittal window; shows the Template drop-down list and the newly created submittal template.
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