Restoring a Lost Bid Section in a Project

How to: Restore products from a section of a project after the section has been marked as a lost bid.

Environment: Comsense Advantage


When you apply the Lost Bid status to a project section, all products in the section are automatically set to BYO to exclude the section's product and pricing from the project. If you set the section status to lost bid accidentally or win the section back after the fact, you can restore the section's products and pricing by updating the section status to Quoted.

In the Projects window:

  1. Click the Sections tab

In the status drop-down list:

  1. Select Quoted
Click image to enlarge
Pricing window, Sections tab; shows the Status field drop-down menu and the location of Quoted.

In the Status change! window:

  1. Click Yes
Click image to enlarge
Status change window; shows the location of the Yes button.

All products and pricing from the lost bid section are now restored in the project.

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