KN Crowder (CKN) - Brand Guide

Pricing Data Source

Every year, we are provided with a data set from Crowder for all products and pricing in our supported database.

We are aware of a number of discrepancies between this data set and the published PDF price list that is generally provided to distributors. 

An example of this is many models of 18' weatherstrip, which are not listed in the published price list but have unique itemized listing in our data set, and therefore it is available in our catalog database.

There may also be inverse cases where the price list shows products the Excel document doesn't. Please forward any such products to our Support team at and we will review these with Crowder.

Kitted Weatherstrip Sizing

We have modified our pre-existing 17'2" and 20'4" length weatherstrip products to now show the true supplied kitted lengths. Existing inventoried products should not be impacted.

Discontinued Products in 2021

Approximately 450 pre-existing products from 2020 are now no longer mapped to the data set we were provided for 2021. We have confirmed this figure with the manufacturer to be correct. Please forward any exceptions to our Support team at and we will review these with Crowder.

KIN ("Crowder Inch") Products

Our system is unable to calculate using the "Crowder Inch" model. We have made these products price as per-foot. This may require review for any products purchased on non-standard inch intervals.

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