Release Notes for Version 1.18.1805

  1. Hardware Product Tab - Added column for product notes to replace NOTE watermark
  2. Hardware Set Tab - Added column for product notes to replace NOTE watermark.
  3. Hardware Set Tab - Set drop down list now includes hardware set notes.
  4. Hardware Set Tab - Added Search option to find a hardware set. To search, right click the set field and choose Search.

    Context Menu

  5. Estimate project wizard has a new option to auto-create a Bid Lead (See page 2 of wizard)
  6. Correction for missing elevations in pricing window when a project is copied.
  7. Correction for invalid validation error message when bring an opening into a change order.
  8. Significant changes made to the Tax On Cost and Tax Exempt wizards for performance improvements. Additionally, users will be presented with a warning message when saving the Pricing Window where some, but not all, product has not been included in the Tax On Cost and/or Tax Exempt assignment.
  9. A new Installation module in now available in Advantage and Enterprise to provide a means to quickly estimate installation time and cost and to provide a means to generate a work order and/or purchase order for installation work. See our online help for more information.
  10. Packing Slip now prints the product code.
  11. Correction for issue associated with alternate sourcing products that are kitted with labor.
  12. New Customer Master Field - Restricted flag for customer PO Numbers – With this flag set, only the associated list of customer PO#s may be assigned in the Sales Order Window. Otherwise, users may select from the predefined list of PO numbers or enter a different PO number in the Sales Order.
  13. New Customer Master Field - Customer Job Number may now be defined as a list and be set as Restricted in the same manner as Customer PO Number. The sales order entry Customer Job Number now reacts in the same manner as Customer PO Number.
  14. SQL Activity Window Added - This new window is now available under the Help menu in Enterprise which provides better analytical data relating to Sql blocking. This is an enhanced version of the current Lock Manager in Advantage. A key component of the Sql Activity window is a tool bar item for emailing activity results to appropriate support /help desk personnel. This feature is also secured (See Security item ‘Help’)
  15. The restriction to change the terms code has been removed when changing a customer code on a sales order.
  16. The Bank Deposit window now has a column for Cash Drawer Journal Date.
  17. The Cash Drawer field on the Customer Payment window now includes the user and date closed in parenthesis. A new button to open the cash drawer transaction is now located to the right of the cash drawer field.
  18. For Stocking product on the Sourcing Window, the available quantity is now visible as the second comma delimited item beside the warehouse code. Right click the item to view the associated managed product details.
  19. A new import feature has been added for Allegion’s SpeXtra spec-writing export file (See Tools > Project Import Utility). View our tutorial video for more information.
  20. A new Heading Prep Review window has been introduced under the Detailing menu for reviewing hardware prep assignments based in hardware headings. This is a much more efficient window for doing a final review of hardware preps and associated property values.

    Context Menu

  21. Hardware Set Window set drop down expanded to show 10 items.
  22. Corrected for intermittent erroneous improper handing message.
  23. Corrected for intermittent problem adding opening numbers in Complete Window.
  24. Purchase Order email option will now auto-populate the email address from the Supplier Master/PO Address email field.

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