Section Change Wizard

Section Change Wizard

This useful feature allows you to change a product to a different Project Section. It can also be used to define a project alternate pricing scenario.

Note: The Project Section must be pre-defined in Project Section table.

Project Sections Table Maintenance

  • In Advantage, click the Tools menu > System Administration > Project Sections.
Tools Menu bar; shows location of Project Sections.
  • To include a pre-existing section to your project click the Active checkbox next to the section.
  • To add a New Section, right click anywhere in Project Sections grid.
  • Click Add.
  • Enter the New Section name.
  • Ensure the Active checkbox is checked.
  • Click Save and Close.

    Project Sections window; shows right-click menu and location of Add.

Section Change Wizard

  • To begin the Section Change Wizard open the Pricing window from Estimating or Detailing.
  • Click the Section Change tool

    Pricing window top toolbar, shows locatino of the Section Change icon.
  • Select Section to Change
  • Click Next to continue

    Section Change Window

  • Select Opening(s)
  • Click Add button
  • Click Next to continue

    Section Change Wizard; shows selected openings in Selected Openings pane.

  • Select Product
  • Click Add button to include the product in the Selected Product grid.

    Section Change Wizard; shows Choose Products and Selected Products panes.

  • For each of the selected products use the Section drop down to choose a new section for the product.
  • If you do not want to include all of the openings the product is on in the change, click the ellipse button under Not Selected to customize the openings involved in the section change.
  • Click Finish button to complete the wizard.

    Section Change Wizard window; shows Not Selected list options.
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