Using the Section Change Wizard

How to: Use the Section Change Wizard.

Environment: Comsense Advantage

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Understanding Project Sections

Default Project Sections

Project sections organize the products, labor, and their associated costs for a project.  Project sections are an important project detail because they show in the Pricing window and the Application for Payment. The default project section for a product is defined by the relationship with the product category. Project sections are assigned to product categories in the Product Category window. Product categories are assigned to products in the Product Master window.  The product category assigns the project section to a product. 

Section Change Wizard

The Section Change Wizard is a tool that allows you to reassign project sections from the products' default. You can use the tool to update the sections in your project or to define an alternate pricing scenario. All project sections must exist in the Project Sections window to be available in the Section Change Wizard. If the required project sections do not exist, Create the New Project Section before proceeding.

Accessing Pricing

Advantage > Estimating/Detailing > Pricing

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Image 1: Advantage Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Preparing to Use the Section Change Wizard

The Section Change wizard only allows reassignment from one section to another single section. In the wizard, Always select the section and products considering the new project section assignment.

*Note: If your detailing project is already sold, you must Add the New Project Sections to the Project before proceeding with the Section Change Wizard.

Accessing the Section Change Wizard

In the Pricing window:

  1. Open the original project

In the top toolbar:

  1. Click Tools
  2. Click Section Change Wizard
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Image 2: Section Change Wizard Pathway

You are now in the Section Change Wizard.

Completing the Section Change Wizard

Choose Section to Change FROM page

In the Section pane, Select one of the current sections and Click Next.

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Image 3: Section Change Wizard Page 1

Choose Opening(s) Page

In the Choose Openings pane:

  1. Select all applicable openings
    • Use ctrl + Click to select multiple opening line items not in sequence
  2. Click Add
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Image 4: Section Change Wizard Page 2
  1. Click Next

Choose Product(s) Page

Updating the Product's Project Sections

In the Choose Product pane:

  1. Select the appropriate products
    • Use ctrl + Click to select multiple product line items not in sequence
  2. Click Add
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Image 5: Section Change Wizard Page 3

In the Selected Product(s) pane:

  1. Select the appropriate sections from the Section field drop-down list
    • All product line items will update to the same section
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Image 6: Section Field Drop-Down List

Unselecting an Opening

The section change wizard updates the sections by product, meaning the section change wizard updates multiple openings containing that product at one time. If you want to exclude the product from one of the openings in the section change, you must manually unselect the opening.

On the product line item:

  1. Click the Ellipses
    • The Opening Selection window will open
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Image 7: Opening Selection Ellipses
  1. Select the opening to exclude
  2. Click Remove
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Image 8: Opening Selection  Window
  1. Click OK

Finishing the Section Change Wizard

In the Section Change Wizard, Click Finish. Complete the Section Change Wizard for each section change you require.

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Image 9: Finish Button
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