Solution for Report Error #70

*Note: The legacy Submittal and Advantage Reports tool will be obsolete by January 2022. We recommend familiarizing with the interface and usage Enable the New Submittal & Advantage Reports Tool.

Issue - When performing an Advantage report to the locally installed word the user receives the following error message:

RPTViewer  -  An error has occurred producing the Report.  The report could not be printed.  Error #70 - Permission denied.

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Solution – In Microsoft Word make the setting changes under menu File and then Options

Uncheck the options:
- Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view
- Show the Start screen when this application starts

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Click OK and try the Advantage report.

Note: Error might also occur if another user is creating the same report for the same project.

It can also be caused when an orphaned WinWord.exe process running in the background. If this process is found running under the troubled user in Task Manager, end the process.

Then launch word manually and clear any recovered documents it may load up.


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