New Estimate Setup

Comsense Advantage navigation menu; shows the location of Project.

Creating a New Project

Projects window top toolbar; shows the location of the New Project icon.


      1. Click the New Project icon

Project Wizard window

      2. Click Next to continue.

Project Name/Address Maintenance window

  • Fill in basic project information.
  • Fill in Contacts information, (include a picture if desired).

Setup tab

Set Up tab in the Project window.

In the Set Up Tab, the user can:

  • Enter information relative to the project.
  • Add information as it becomes available throughout the project.
  • Much of the information comes from drop down lists built in Company Master Tables.

Activities Tab

Activites tab in Project window

In the Tasks Tab, the user can:

  • Enter key estimating tasks to create a checklist and history.
  • Add information as it becomes available throughout the project.
  • Tasks may be filtered.
  • Tasks are referenced in the today window.
  • Tasks may be tracked if project is on a time and material basis.

Sections Tab

Section tab in Projects window

Click on the Sections Tab to view the Sections list.

Project toolbar; shows location of Section Picker icon.

  1. Click on Section Picker icon.
  2. Check the box beside each section being bid

Select Sections window; shows location of checkboxes.

  1. Click Ok to continue.


 Add Bid Recipient Information

  1. Click on Bids tab.

Bids tab in Project window.

     2. To add Bid Recipient information, right click in screen.   

Bids tab; shows Add Recipients option in right-click menu.

      3. Select Add Recipients from customer list menu

      4. Select Customer

      5. Click OK to continue

Bid tab; shows location of Bid Recipient field.                

     6. Fill in pertinent information Bid tab; shows Section line items and Status field.

     7. At the bottom of screen is summary of sections bid, highlight each customer    bid to review summary for that customer.

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