ComsenseOnline System Information

Please note that this information is current at the time of writing, but can change quickly as we scale the systems up and down as necessary and as Microsoft Azure services change.


The ComsenseOnline hosted deployment environment is a deployment option available to our customers who wish to have their system located in a remote data center rather than on their own hardware in their building.

Microsoft Azure

The ComsenseOnline system consists of a collection of servers in the Microsoft Azure cloud system. For more information, see Microsoft's Azure site. Microsoft Azure meets a wide array of international industry standards for data center operations and performance, which guarantees the availability of basic requirements like power, environment, redundancy, highly available Internet connectivity, and more.

Server Specifications

Database Server

The SQL Server is currently running in a virtual machine with 8 cores and 56GB of RAM.

Remote Desktop Servers

The Remote Desktop servers are currently running in virtual machines with 4 cores with 28GB of RAM, and 16 cores with 124GB of RAM.

Other Servers

Other servers handle domain and licensing needs for the environment.

Internet Bandwidth

Microsoft does not publish an SLA around bandwidth guarantees. However, as a very high-level data center, the systems are basically sitting on the Internet backbone. Our speed tests regularly show greater than 700Mbps download and 200Mbps upload.


The fees for ComsenseOnline cover all licensing necessary for access to Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Office applications required for Comsense Enterprise functionality.

Other Internal Server Requirements

The ComsenseOnline system is not intended to replace all of a customer's internal application, network, or server resources. Customers will likely still require local servers for network login, file sharing, and other applications.

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