Release Notes for Version 1.17.1741

  1. Tax On Cost wizard has been modified to address an issue with missing openings.
  2. Correction for missing Hardware Options when building hardware product in Sales Orders and Quotes for sized product.
  3. Corrected for intermittent problem where change order affected only the frame but the pricing brought in the door as a deduct.
  4. Corrected for some missing catalog search functionality when building hardware product.
  5. Implemented controls during Heading Builder process to ensure that all openings within a hardware set have identical hardware.
  6. Unapplied Deposit report modified to remove the Start Date.
  7. Corrected issue with Project Pricing window where Contract Amount was recalculating incorrectly when the Locked box was checked.


The items below were included in version 1.17.1735, and have been included here for reference.

  1. Correction to hardware builder in product change wizard.


The items below were included in version 1.17.1734, and have been included here for reference.

  1. Correction for an issue when adding multiple openings in the Complete Opening window
  2. Refinements to the change order process when using the binocular search operation to find openings to be included in the change order. We found that where multiple openings were selected and only one (or more) openings required validation, it was reporting that all openings were requiring validation.


The items below were included in version 1.17.1728, and have been included here for reference.

  1. Correction for an issue selling change orders related to requested ship dates.
  2. An additional control has been implemented to help manage authorized credit for projects. The ability to ‘Sell’ a project is restricted to a maximum contract value established in the customer master (See Customer Master, Credit/Collections tab new field named ‘Project Max Contract Value’). This only applies to the original contract (not change orders). When a user attempts to ‘Sell’ a project and where the systems finds a value in this new field (zero or greater – not a blank value) that is less than the pre-tax contract amount, the user will be prevented from selling the project and will be presented with the following message:
    Context Menu
  3. The Complete Opening Detail report, Openings selection option now includes Phase as a selection criteria.
  4. The ability to change a customer code in Project Setup window is now controlled by Enterprise Security, security group ‘Order/SalesOrder’ as follows:
    1. ‘Change the Customer Code on a Sales Order before invoicing has occurred’ will only allow changes to the customer if this item is checked AND no invoicing has yet been generated.
    2. ‘Change the Customer Code on a Sales Order after invoicing has occurred’ will only allow changes to the project customer if invoicing has been generated AND this item is checked (NOTE: The customer code for all invoices associated with this project will be changed to correspond to the new project customer code).
  5. The Advantage ‘Project’ window, ‘Setup’ tab has been changed as follows:
    1. ‘User’ field has been renamed to ‘Created by’ and is auto-populated to the login code of the user creating the project.
    2. The following user names have been added as the ‘primary’ applicable users. The ‘Section Tab’ user names will be defaulted based on these values:
      1. Estimating Project:
        1. Estimator
        2. Inside Sales
        3. Outside Sales
      2. Detailing Project:
        1. Estimator
        2. Detailer
        3. Project Manager
        4. Inside Sales
        5. Outside Sales
  6. VT Industries Electronic quoting and ordering changes:
    1. Comsense VT OnLine, Estimating Contact Info and Detailing Contact info is now auto-populated based on the applicable user's Contact information (See Enterprise System Options/User window, contact field).
    2. Retrieval of doors costs for Bifold doors has been corrected to reflect the appropriate leaf count.
  7. Sales Order – When user setting for Show Margin is checked, the margins will be displayed by default.
  8. Shipment Management now has grid column Pin options.
  9. Orders Management window order # hyperlink now links to the Order Management window for Sales Orders.
  10. Order Management window, Summary tab now includes a field for Invoice Balance.
  11. Shipments Not Invoiced report now has expanded options for grouping and page break for Region, Division, Inside Salesperson and Outside Salesperson’
  12. Sales Order work-flow option no longer allows for an option beyond ‘Ship-Shipped’ where terms are set to COD.
  13. Enterprise Help menu now includes an item for Join Online Support Session.
  14. The ‘Stock Replenishment’ window has been enhanced to better accommodate the identification of manufacturer ‘Service center/special delivery’ programs and segregation of generated stock purchase orders based on the applicable special delivery programs:
    1. A Replace row has been added to the bottom product section of the window as well as a new column for ‘Service Center Delivery Programs’ (Note: Products may be identified with specific programs in the Managed Product Window – See ‘Product’ tab, ‘Service Center Delivery Program field.)
    2. When selecting a supplier for PO generation, the system will now automatically generate separate Purchase Orders for each delivery program.
    3. A right click option has been added for ‘Set all to Suggested Qty’.
    4. Where only specific delivery program PO generation is required, use the filter row to select the non-required program(s) and the use the replace row to set the ‘Stock Order Qty’ to zero (this will eliminate those products from being included in the PO generation.)
  15. Payables window includes changes in values for certain dates as follows:
    1. Where the supplier terms do no provide for a discount, the Discount Due Date is now left blank.
    2. Where the invoice amount is a credit, the Due Date is set to the invoice date.
  16. The Journal Entry window now provides for importing external data. This import utilizes a standard XML file for importing journal detail line items. An XML file may be generated by the user in many different ways. The two most practical methods are as follows (Contact ‘Comsense Support’ for assistance in creating your XML file):
    1. Create XML file from an Excel file using Excel’s ‘Developer’ utility.
    2. Create XML file from third party source data.
    A new System Options menu option name Data Import has also been added to accommodate the new import feature for journals.
  17. Journal Template feature now uses a new tool bar item New from template drop down list on the Journal Entry window.
  18. Managed Product Available quantity rules have been changed as follows:
    1. For Sales Orders – Available quantity is now reduced as soon as the Sales Order is saved in the ‘Released’ status.
    2. For Projects – Available quantity is only reduced when a Stock requisition is created or a work order is created that includes non-requisitioned product.
  19. Journal Entries now have an option to save as Open. By default, the status will save as Completed but the status can be changed manually to Open before saving and will not be reflected in the Trial Balance.
  20. The Releasing of Accounts Payable entries for Purchase Orders may now be controlled based on division settings and a new security setting. The Division master has four new fields for Max Variance $ ,Max Variance %, Line Item Max Variance$ and Line Item Max Variance %. The Security window has a new item under Payables for Release a Payable that exceeds the maximum variance. When the division settings are populated and the user security setting is unchecked, a payable that exceeds any of the maximum variance settings will only be permitted to be saved in the Open state.
  21. Several performance improvements have been implemented in this update.
  22. The Orders Analysis window has an additional wizard page to provide for filtering on various order status.
  23. The Shipment Management window wizard has a new filter option for Invoiced. This allows users to search for un-invoiced completed shipments without waiting to load every completed shipment since startup.
  24. Projects may now be priced based on user entered line items sell prices.
    1. The Project Master has a new check box named ‘Line Item Priced’.
    2. The Pricing window will react differently for projects designated as line item priced:
      1. The Component Costing tab window will show two new columns:
        1. Sell Price – This will be manually entered by the user, there are automated processes to populate this field.
        2. Extended Sell Price - Displays calculation of Sell Price times Qty
      2. The Miscellaneous tab window has a new field for ‘Sell’ for users to manually enter a sell price for each item.
      3. The Pricing tab window becomes a ‘Read-Only’ window with the exception of the Tax fields. Contract Values represent a recap of all Cost Group extended sell prices plus Miscellaneous Sell amounts.
    3. The Tax on Cost feature is not supported for projects designate as Line Item Priced.
  25. There are some new key fields available in document templates.
    1. The new fields were created to allow a primary estimator, detailer, project manager, inside sales, and outside sales to be set on the project window.
    2. Historically this was a problem because these fields were set by section and the document template had no way to know which section to pull from.
    3. The new key fields are: {ESTIMATOR}, {DETAILER}, {PRJMGR}, {INSALES}, {OUTSALES}
  26. The performance issue reported with Word 2013 has been resolved. Many of our reports utilize Word and we found that the 2013 version of word was extremely slow in mapping our key fields to the project specific data.
  27. Door and Frame Takeoff windows:
    1. Hdw column now reflects Hardware Heading where headings have been assigned.
    2. A right click option has been added to show the list of hardware assigned to applicable opening.
  28. Sourcing window (Page 1 – Bottom right), now shows any product that is on Hold.
  29. Intermittent problem of printed quotes and sales orders reflecting an incorrect order total corrected.
  30. The Complete Window has two new columns External Key and Internal Key which is highlighted red for a keyed product and this allows the user to populate keying information from the Complete Window. Double click in the field to launch the Keying window.
  31. An issue was introduced in 1.17.1701 in change orders causing all openings to be validated again in the original project before proceeding with any new change order, this has been corrected.
  32. Advantage – Pricing:
    1. Component Cost Tab - Tax on Cost wizard can now be performed on sold change orders (To modify contract amount, use the ‘Adjustments’ tool bar item for the original project.)
    2. Miscellaneous Tab – The ability to enter a negative cost amount for a change order is no longer available. However, the Miscellaneous ‘Cost’ for a sold change order can be reduced provided the cost is not less than any applicable sourced value.
  33. Corrected for intermittent error when removing a manufacturer code in the door or frame takeoff windows.
  34. The process for applying tax on cost in the Pricing window has been refined to improve performance and potential blocking issues.
  35. Corrected issue when adding a handed hardware product in the Complete Opening window. Handed hardware product for other related openings for the applicable heading were not getting the appropriate hand applied.
  36. Pricing window - In the ‘Project Pricing’ tab, the ‘Det Cost Variance’ column sign has been changed to reflect an unfavorable variance as a negative value and a favorable variance as a positive value.
  37. Pricing window - Corrected for phantom contract amount calculations where ‘Tax On Cost’ is applied to the project.
  38. Costing and Pricing Report > Component Costing - The ‘Project Pricing’ section, ‘Detailed Cost Variance’ values now reflect a positive value for favorable conditions (where the Detailed Cost is lower than the Estimated value), and vice-versa. The Est GP% has been corrected
  39. Correction for Pricing window gross margin percentage on the grand total line item.
  40. Correction for intermittent error when moving product/openings to different ‘alternate’ sections in the pricing window.
  41. Correction for error when applying global contract pricing to Estimates.
  42. Correction in ability to select product in the tax exempt and tax on cost wizards.
  43. Corrected for problem with Default Preps auto-loading from history subsequent to initial prep review.
  44. Further refinements to correct for intermittent problem of Quotes and Sales Orders print reflecting incorrect totals.
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