Accessing the ComsenseOnline System

The ComsenseOnline system consists of two main parts, your Remote Desktop Connection into the ComsenseOnline environment, and the Comsense Opening Suite application within the Remote Desktop.

Prerequisite: Windows Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 Client or higher.  This version is included in Windows 7, 8, and 10, and is available for separate download from Microsoft for other operating system versions. On Apple Mac's download the Microsoft Remote Desktop client from the app store.

Remote Desktop Connection

  1. Launch Remote Desktop Connection
    1. In Windows 8 and 10 press Windows key and type Remote Desktop.
    2. In Windows 7 click Start button and type Remote Desktop.

      Windows menu bar; shows Remote Dektop Connection.

  2. Click the down button left of Show Options to reveal additional fields.

    Remote Desktop Connection window; shows the location of Show Options.

  3. For Computer Name enter: 

    Remote Desktop Connection window; shows the computer and username details.

    For Username enter: comsenseonline\username#1234 (replace username with item below).

    Check the option Allow me to save credentials.

  4. Click Connect.
  5. When prompted enter the password you've been provided for the Remote Desktop session and click OK.

    Windows Security window; shows the password field.

    This will launch your Remote Desktop Session in the ComsenseOnline environment.

  6. Launch the Comsense Opening Suite application by clicking the icon on the desktop.

    Windows Desktop; shows the Opening Suite icon.

  7. The Opening Suite login will appear.
  8. Login with Comsense User ID: username#XXXX password: yourpassword.

    Comsense Opening Suite Login window.

    Click OK and you will be logged into the Comsense Opening Suite Application.

Change Your Remote Desktop Password

To change your Remote Desktop password visit the following link: 

Change your Comsense Opening Suite Password

It is also recommended to change your Comsense Opening Suite password soon after you initially access the system.  To change your Comsense Opening Suite password:

  1. Launch the Comsense Opening Suite
  2. On the login dialog click Change Password.
  3. On the Password Change dialog, enter your old and new password.
  4. Click Ok.

    Comsense Opening Suite login; shows the location of Password Change button.



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