Applying Updates to Opening Suite

We recommend setting a regular weekly schedule to apply program and catalog updates. This way, your price books are kept current, and your colleagues get used to the pattern.

Updates require users to be logged off of the system, so we generally recommend scheduling a regular maintenance window outside of business hours, for example, Thursdays from 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm. If you find that some users are still logged into the system during your maintenance window, you can disconnect them using the Connected Users window as described in the article Viewing License Info, Users Logged on & Disconnecting Users from the Opening Suite Software.

Program/Catalog Updates

Start Program and Catalog updates in Advantage > Tools > System Administration > Program/Catalog Updates.

At the Comsense Suite Updater dialog click Continue.

Comsense Suite Updater.

On the Welcome page click Next.  Note: A small number of customers have trouble with program updates when their anti-virus software is enabled. 

Comsense Opening Suite Update Wizard, Welcome page.

Choose an update location. Comsense FTP is the default, however, if you're applying a hotfix update, choose Other Location and select the folder where you unzipped the hotfix update. 

Click Next.

Comsense Opening Suite Update Wizard, Update Location page.

Please note that you may require read and write privileges to your \Program Files (x86)\Comsense folder if there is an update to the Update Wizard available, or if there is an update to the Comsense Opening Suite client application. We recommend the use of User Account Control in Windows.

With UAC enabled, updates to the Program Update Wizard itself, as well as client application updates, must be run by a Windows user who can accept the Windows UAC prompt for elevation. If UAC is not enabled, program updates must be run by a Windows user that has write access to the local \Program Files(x86)\Comsense folder.

If you are prompted to update the Update Wizard as in the image below, you may need to cancel the update process and launch again by right-clicking the Comsense Opening Suite shortcut and choose Run as Administrator in order to invoke UAC elevation.

ComUpdates dialog box.

In the screen shot below you the account only requires Catalog Updates, and therefore they are already on our most recent Program Update. If there were program updates available they would have been checked as well. 

Click Next to continue.

Comsense Opening Suite Update Wizard, Avilable Updates page.

An information message about the duration of the updates appears when you select Catalog Updates.

Click OK.

ComUpdates dialog box.

The user has the option of which manufacturer to update, we recommend to keep all checked and then click Next.

Comsense Opening Suite Update Wizard, Avilable Updates page.

The updates will download and apply automatically.

Comsense Opening Suite Update Wizard, Downloading Selected Updates page.

A summary will indicate the updates that were applied.

Click finish.

If a program update was applied, it will be updated on each client machine at the next login.  We recommend that this client update is performed by a Windows User that can accept the Windows UAC prompt or has write access to the \Program Files (x86)\Comsense folder.

When a client update is required, the following message will appear after login.

Comsense Suite Updater dialog box.

Click Continue.

At this point, you will be prompted for UAC elevation if enabled on your system. You may see an item with a shield in your taskbar that looks like this User Account Control dialog box., or your system may display the User Account Control dialog immediately. Click Yes to accept the UAC prompt.

Comsense Suite Updater window.

The client files will be updated on the local machine.

AppRestart dialog box.

Once complete, click OK on the confirmation.

Launch the Comsense Opening Suite normally to begin using the program.

Image Updates

In addition to updating catalogs regularly, we recommend the same for Image Updates. Our Image Updates include new and updated product images, often called catalog cuts.

Image Updates are done in much the same was as catalogs described above. Start Image Updates in Advantage > Tools > System Administration > Program/Catalog Updates.

Click Next on the update wizard welcome screen.

Click Next to proceed with the default selection of Comsense FTP if downloading the updates from the Internet. Alternatively, if you are installing Image Updates from a USB drive or other location, choose the location from either Specific Drive of Other Location. Click Next.

On the Manufacturer Selection step, select the manufacturers you would like to update. Click Next.

Comsense Opening Suite Update Wizard, Manufacturer Selection page.

The selected manufacturer image versions will download and apply to your system.

Comsense Opening Suite Update Wiard, Applyin Selected Updates page.

Once complete click Finish.

Launch the Comsense Opening Suite normally to begin using the program.

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