Back Up Opening Suite Data

How to: Back up Comsense Opening Suite data.

Environment: Comsense Advantage & Comsense Enterprise, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Removable Media

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About Data Backups

The Comsense Opening Suite data backup process has two steps:

  1. Automatic backup
  2. Manual backup

Multi-step backup processes provide an extra layer of protection for your data and your business. It is important to frequently and correctly back up your data because you usually only require your backup after an unexpected event such as a hard drive failure, virus attack, theft, or natural disaster.

Recommended is using a media rotation scheme for flexible restore options and keeping at least one set of media at an offsite location.

Automatic Backups

Automatic backups are our first line of defense for unexpected data loss. Comsense sets up automatic backups during your initial installation.

Storage Location

Comsense stores your data in a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database. During your initial installation of Comsense Opening Suite, our Customer Success team set up your company maintenance plan in the SQL server. The maintenance plan backs up the database on a regular basis and performs index tuning. The SQL Server stores the backup on a hard drive in a folder called one of the following:

  • C:\SQLBackup

Comsense stores submittal and report templates outside of your database in the Common folder.

You can find the exact location of your backup and the common folder in the About Comsense Advantage window.

Advantage > Help > About Comsense Advantage > Last Backup Location or Common Folder Location

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About Comsense Advantage window; shows the Common Folder location and the Backup Location.

Backup Schedule

The SQL Server backs up your data every night and contains:

  • Backup files from the previous 2-3 nights
  • Backups of transaction logs

Standalone systems such as laptops or single-user systems without the Microsoft SQL Server database on another machine have a backup schedule set for 11 pm and hourly transaction log backups on weekdays unless otherwise specified to the Comsense team.

You can find the last time of backup in the About Comsense Advantage window.

Advantage > Help > About Comsense Advantage > Last Backup Date/Time

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About Comsense Advantage window; shows the Last Backup Time.

Manual Backups

Manual backups are your second line of defense for unexpected data loss. Your company is responsible for manual backups.

Removable Media & Backup Data

Always back up your data to removable media such as a tape drive or to the cloud using backup software such as Veritas BackupExec or the built-in Windows Backup applet.

When completing manual backups, always back up:

  • The SQL Server backup folder
    • This folder contains subfolders with many SQL database files (.bak) and SQL transaction log backup files (.trn)
  • The Common folder
    • This folder contains the ClientData folder, Template folder, and others.
      • These folders are default locations for Comsense Opening Suite data.

Verifying your Backup

It is a good practice to verify your backups are functioning by periodically restoring your data to a test location. If your backups are not functioning, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about the backup process, Contact Support.

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