Backing Up Your Opening Suite Data

The Comsense Opening Suite stores data in a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database. During your initial installation of the Opening Suite a Customer Service Representative from Comsense will set up a Maintenance Plan in SQL Server for you. What this will do is backup the databases on a regular basis and also perform index tuning. The backups are stored on a hard drive where the SQL Server is installed, typically in a folder called




You can find your location by viewing the last backup location on the About Advantage window (Advantage > Help > About Comsense Advantage) as seen in the example below:

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About Comsense Advantage window; shows the location of the back up location.

This folder will contain database backup files from the prior 2 or 3 nights plus transaction log backups.

For standalone systems like laptops or single user systems that do not have the SQL Server database on another machine, please note that the backup schedule is usually set to back-up the databases at 11:00PM, and hourly transaction log backups during the weekdays, unless you specified for us to do otherwise. Your machine must be powered on for these backups to happen, so if you turn your computer off every night you will not be getting a backup of your data.

In addition to the database there is also a Common Folder where we store items outside of the database like submittals and report templates.

Archiving to Removable Media

The process of backing up your Opening Suite data has two steps. The first step is the SQL Server backup mentioned above, which happens automatically, but should be verified on a regular basis by you. The second step involves backing up the data to a removable medium like tape or to the cloud using backup software like Veritas BackupExec or the built-in Windows Backup applet. This step protects your data in the event of a hard drive failure, virus attack, theft or a natural disaster.

If the computer storing the data becomes unavailable for whatever reason the only thing saving you will be the backup you stored on removable media. Equipment is fairly easy to replace, but your hours of work can only be recovered if you have a recent backup available. You should use a media rotation scheme that provides flexible restore options and also keep sets of the media at an offsite location.

What to Backup to Removable Media

You should backup your whole computer on a regular basis, following the Grandfather-Father-Son or similar rotation scheme that allows for multiple restore points. The specific folders that should be backed up for the Comsense Opening Suite include:

  • The SQL Server backup folder mentioned above
    • This folder should contain subfolders which contain many SQL database backup files (.bak) and SQL Log backup files (.trn)
  • The Common folder. This is often located at:
    • C:\ProgramData\Comsense\Common or
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Comsense\Common
    • This folder should contain folders called ‘ClientData’, ‘Templates’, and others. These are the default locations for the Opening Suite data.
    • Your location may differ from these.

It is a good idea to verify that your backups are working correctly by periodically trying to restore your data from tape to a test location. You may find you’ve missed something, or the schedule hasn’t been working properly. This is something you want to find out before facing a real problem.

Backups are very important. Please do not hesitate to contact us to confirm your backup configuration and process.

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