Applying an Opening Suite Development Release Update

Visit website

Then click

or similar message from your browser to proceed despite the non-trusted certificate.

Click on Customer Folder, and a username and password prompt will appear

User            Customer
Password     comsense274
Folder name #DevelopmentRelease


Double click the file named (see email header for release #) and select Save As to your Local Disk C:

Once the download has finished open Windows Explorer by right clicking on the Start Button and select Explorer

Browse to the downloaded program update zip file.

Right click on the Program Update zip file and choose “Extract All”   

Then change the Destination Folder to C:\

Once the file has been extracted open Opening Suite Advantage, menus Tools, Program/Catalog Updates and click Next 

Select “Specific Drive C”

Proceed through the program update wizard.

Please confirm with Comsense once the update has been applied so we can update our records. 

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    Lincoln Brill

    Great support document! Lincoln

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    Mark Kraus


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    Tim Vara

    May need to run the Comsense.exe file as administrator for update to run completely.