Using Associated Projects

In order to support the integrity of reporting of project information and avoid double reporting of projects which are just a working copy of the master project, we have provided a means for users to identify the copied project with the ‘Master’. During the project copy process, users will be presented with the following additional prompts:

Project Wizard window; Step 2 of duplicating a project in the wizard.
Where the copy is not related at all to the source project, then select ‘Not Associated’.

Where the copy is intended to replace the source project as the primary or Master project, then select the ‘Associate as Master’. Otherwise, select ‘Associate as Child’.
*Note: Projects associated as child cannot be sold. Only master projects can be sold.

The Project Setup window has a new field named ‘Master project’ and is populated automatically by the system. If the copy option ‘Associate as Master’ is selected, the source project will have this field populated with the new project code. If the copy option ‘Associate as Child’ is selected, the new project will have this field populated with the source project code.

You can change the Master Project code directly in the Project Setup window. The system will automatically ensure that only one project is designated as ‘Master’. Therefore, where a user manually removes a value from the ‘Master Project’ field, the system will set this project code as ‘Master’ on all other associated projects.
Project window; shows the location of the Master project field.


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