Release Notes for Version 1.15.1527

Public Release 1.15.1527 - Comsense - Software Enhancements -

  1. Correction for Complete Opening report not reflecting all hardware for paired openings.
  2. Project Invoicing – Corrected suggested taxable amount when entering a negative billing amount.
  3. Complete window – Change orders – The ‘Reload’ function has been expanded to enable ‘reloading’.
  4. Corrects for intermittent catalog discount copy to other divisions.
  5. Project ‘Previous Billing Adjustments’ for pre-‘GoLive’ projects no longer generates journal entries.
  6. Enterprise standard purchase order print:
    1. Now includes the product SKU # as entered in the purchase order window.
    2. Ordered by: Now allows for expanded contact information and will wrap text where necessary.
  7. Expanded email address length to 60 characters.
  8. Work Order print now suppresses line items where all openings have been deleted.
  9. Sales Order:
    1. Non-stock line items now recognize ‘equivalent’ product and reflect applicable ‘Available’ and ‘Shelf’ quantities.
    2. The ‘Counter sale’ work flow:
      1. Now recognizes non-stock ‘equivalent’ product and will be automatic included in work-flow.
      2. Line items which include one or more labor operations are now open for the ‘Shipped’ quantity to be set manually (provided there is sufficient available quantity for all component products) and will be included in the work-flow (the work order will be completed automatically.)
    3. Miscellaneous tab now recognizes tax exempt setting from ship-to record when adding line items.
  10. Customer Master and Customer Management window now includes last invoice date.
  11. Packing Slip – COD – Now shows amount due less deposit.
  12. Purchase Order window:
    1. Carrier can now be cleared.
    2. A right click option has been provided to re-cost product based on user entered discount or discount string. (To apply to multiple rows, use CTRL or SHIFT on ‘#’ column) 

  13. Purchase Order print (Standard format), now includes a grand total for quantity.
  14. Picking & Packing Slip – Footer note has been expanded from 2 to 5 lines.
  15. Orders Actions window – Added column for ‘Delivery Method’
  16. Receiving Open dialogue – Added column for Inside Salesperson.
  17. Customer Return print now includes all product being returned regardless of Pickup flag setting.
  18. Hardware List report has a new option to include short codes.
  19. Advantage Security – Added functions for:
    1. Allow selling of projects – Allows administrators to control who can sell/award a project.
    2. ‘Allow selling of change orders’ – Allows administrators to control who can sell a change order.
    3. Allow History Stop – This prevents users from turning off history of takeoff changes.
  20. Project credit limit can now be defaulted from the Enterprise Customer Master window (see ‘Credit/Collections’ tab new field ‘Project Limit’)
  21. Customer code can now be changed on a released quote.
  22. Shipment window:
    1. Window now allows for editing of internal notes after the shipment is completed (Click eclipse button to the far left of field.)
    2. The ‘Carrier’ field can now be deleted.
  23. Picking & Packing Slip print – now includes the carrier name.
  24. Advantage ‘Quote Request’ now shows all product for any manufacturer associated with the selected supplier. The selection window also allows for selection of product from all hardware on the project (see ‘Show All’ flag on product selection window).
  25. Property sizes are no longer auto-converted to foot & inch format.
  26. Customer Payment Report to Excel – Added column for bank deposit number, invoice pre-tax total and invoice tax total.
  27. Ceco purchase order form now shows sizes as unformatted (IE, 36” width shows as 30).
  28. A new report has been added named ‘Customer Statement Detail’. This report provides details on invoices, deposits, payments and adjustments for a user specified customer and time period.
  29. The Bank Deposit window now shows customer payment ID# with hyperlink to payment window.
  30. Purchase Order Management window:
    1. A new field ‘Include Fully Received’ has been added to page 1 of the wizard and is unchecked by default which will exclude any fully received purchase orders.
    2. A filter is now available for the ‘Combined’ column. This is useful when combining purchase orders where the user has selected several purchase orders to be combined and wants to filter out unselected purchase orders. This will result in the ‘PO Total’ column only reflecting the total order value of the selected purchase orders which can then be quickly checked for compliance to minimum order values.
  31. Purchase Order Print – Font size has been increased for the purchase order number.
  32. Label printing for project/order opening product is now available in Enterprise with the following features:
    1. Label printing may be launched from the Order Scheduling, Purchase Order, Receiving, Stock Requisition, Work Order and/or Shipment windows.
    2. The Order Scheduling window provides for the selection of openings & product for label printing and quantity of labels. This window also shows which labels have been printed. A new Tool Bar icon has been added to launch the label printing.
    3. The Label Print option:
      1. The tool bar item ‘Print Labels’ has been added the following windows:
        1. Order Scheduling
        2. Stock Requisition
        3. Purchase Order
        4. Receiving
        5. Work Order
        6. Shipments
      2. ii. The Print dialog window provides the following options:
        1. Select of ‘Openings and Products’:
          1. Where the printing has been launched from a transaction window (IE purchase order, work order, etc.), the openings and products are automatically selected for the applicable product.
          2. The number of labels per product may be modified. (Note: the ‘Order Scheduling’ window is a more efficient window for managing the label quantity.)
        2. Selection of ‘Label Template’
    4. Label templates:
      1. Label templates are maintained in the ‘Reports’ menu, ‘Label Template’ window.
      2. Sample templates are provided but other user specified templates may be added. (Contact Comsense Support for assistance in preparation of new label template format layouts.)
      3. Sample templates are designed to print utilizing a tractor feed/Dot Matrix printer with single column Avery 4014 labels, 4” x 1-7/16”.
    5. See ‘Report Management’ window ‘Opening Product Label’ for default settings.
  33. Wood Door purchase orders are now automatically reviewed for any changes where a multiple opening line items have inconsistent hardware headings as a result of changes orders being sold subsequent to the release of the purchase order. Where this condition exists, the user is presented with the following message when opening the purchase order. It is recommended that the purchase order be deleted and re-sourced to ensure the integrity of grouped like doors and related hardware.

  34. Special hardware product additions are now logged by user, date and users home division. Advantage ‘Catalog Maint.’ Menu, ‘Hdw Grid’ window have these three columns available for filtering (Double click on column header to view ‘Advanced Grid Layout’ settings window.)
  35. The Product Category master window in Advantage now has a new column named ‘Exclude from Special Product Configuration’ (Double click on any column header to select this new column if it is not visible). Any product categories that are set flagged will not be visible to users who are configuring special hardware product, thus helping to prevent undesirable product definitions.
  36. Managed Product window now displays an icon where the user has modified the product description. Hovering over the icon will show the original ‘System’ generated description which can be restored by clicking on the icon.

  37. Controls have been added to ensure that hardware product cannot be added to an opening without an Opening Type being assigned. (This was causing intermittent problems with door and frame hardware prep assignments.)
  38. Previous billing adjustments process has been corrected to reflect taxes in automated customer payment record.
  39. Corrected for missing cost groups from the Backlog report where the cost group was added by a change order.
  40. Advantage now supports the saving of image selections to history. This option is secured under the existing ‘Prep History Maintenance’ system function. A new check box has been added to the image selection window for ‘History’. When checked, this image will save to ‘History’ against that specific hardware configuration and those images will be automatically selected when that hardware product is referenced on subsequent projects. Unchecking this check box will remove the image from history.
  41. In order to support the integrity of up-coming reporting of project information and avoid double reporting of projects which are just a working copy of the master project, we have provided a means for users to identify the copied project with the ‘Master’. During the project copy process, users will be presented with the following additional prompts:

    1. Where the copy is not related at all to the source project, then select ‘Not Associated’.
    2. Where the copy is intended to replace the source project as the primary or Master project, then select the ‘Associate as Master’. Otherwise, select ‘Associate as Child’.
    3. The Project Setup window has a new field named ‘Master project’ and is populated automatically by the system. If the copy option ‘Associate as Master’ is selected, the source project will have this field populated with the new project code. If the copy option ‘Associate as Child’ is selected, the new project will have this field populated with the source project code.
    4. Users may change the ‘Master Project’ code directly in the Project Setup window. The system will automatically ensure that only one project is designated as ‘Master’. Therefore, where a user manually removes a value from the ‘Master Project’ field, the system will set this project code as ‘Master’ on all other associated projects.
  42. Electronic ordering for Assa Abloy FlashShip program is now implemented. This feature provides an automated identification of product qualified for the FlashShip program as well as providing the automated electronic submission of the subsequent purchase order. The ‘Sourcing’ window will identify product qualified product and provides a ‘one-step’ option to automatically assign this product to a FlashShip specific purchase order. See separate document on Assa Abloy Flash Ship electronic ordering for instructions on setup and operating procedures.
  43. Hardware Vertical Schedule report now includes an option to page break after each heading.
  44. Saving of default hardware preps are now recognizing hardware options that have no influence on the door and/or frame prep code. Hardware options, such as master keying, keyways, etc. are removed from the hardware product association to the door/frame prep when saving to history. For example, where a user saves a door/frame prep to history against a lockset that includes a master key option, this same lockset being utilized on a subsequent project, without a master key or with a different keyway, will still pull the door/frame prep from history.
  45. Estimating ‘Project Setup’ window now includes a ‘Completed Date’. This date is one of numerous dates that will be key reporting/analytical attributes for our up-coming Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing module. This date will be automatically populated where a project section is NOT 'Quoted' or 'Open' or when the project is Sold.
  46. Payables Management window now includes ‘Open’ payables (Note: The aging summary does not reflect ‘Open’ payables.)
  47. Orders Management window enhancements now provide a means to analyze a customer’s credit usage and available credit including projects as follows:
    1. Projects are now included in list of orders (but does not show product details) .
    2. Columns have been added for ‘Payments’, ‘A/R Balance’ and ‘Project Credit Limit’ including column totals.
  48. Customer Invoice ship-to information is now stored with the invoice which eliminates the potential problem subsequent printing of the invoice reflecting an incorrect address.
  49. Customer codes may now be changed on sales orders (Use ‘Action’ tool bar item – Change Customer) secured by two levels of authorization:
    1. Allow change before invoicing has occurred.
    2. Allow change after invoicing has occurred.
  50. Payment Application may now reflect a ‘Tax Included’ contract value:
    1. Project Master Window :
      1. ‘Set-up’ tab has a new field for ‘Tax Included Contract’ with a default setting based on Division master (See new field in Division Master for ‘Tax Included Contract’)
      2. Change Order Tab has two new columns:
        1. ‘Pay App Seq#’ – this controls the sequence of the schedule of values listing. Values will be combined where sequence numbers are the same.
        2. ‘Change Order Contractor Reference’ – If populated, this value will print on the schedule of values.
    2. Pay Application window has a new tab to show the taxes.
    3. Pay Application printed report of schedule of values will show the total tax on the last line of the schedule.
  51. The Wood Door Quote Request is now showing as a separate report and will organize the sorting and grouping of doors based on single/pair openings and leaf designations.
  52. The Bank Deposit window now has a hyperlink assigned to the payment ID number.
  53. A new Supplier Returns Management window has been added including a wizard for selection of status, supplier and/or division. The management window provides filtering and totaling in the top pane and details in the lower pane.
  54. The Customer Return open dialog now has a column for invoice number.
  55. Wizards have been added for the ‘Stock Requisition’ and ‘Work Order Management’ windows.
  56. The Order Management window now includes a tab for ‘Supplier Returns’
  57. The Order Scheduling window now has totals for quantity.
  58. Advantage security window has a new tab to allow for setting a select list of predefined fields as required for the ‘SpecWriter’ module.
  59. Refinements have been made to the Default Prep window save function to correct for intermittent unassigned preps.
  60. Sales Order door/frame configurator – Preps/Parts window now has an option to filter on only those parts or labor which are designated as managed products (Stocking product).

  61. Stock Transfers - Target warehouse unit cost now reflects the source warehouse FIFO cost instead of the target replacement cost.
  62. Hardware Schedule – Degree of opening value now includes the degree symbol.
  63. Project Master customer search no longer filters out customers with a zero credit limit.
  64. Corrrected for change order condition where users could configure a different list of hardware without inclusion of all openings associated with the specific heading.
  65. Ceco purchase order form now shows sizes with foot and inch format (For example 30 width shows as 3’0”).
  66. Default number of hinges on hardware sets has been changed as follows:
    1. Door height up to 60” = 2 hinges.
    2. Door height OVER 60” and up to and including 90” = 3 hinges.
    3. Door height OVER 90” and up to and including 120” = 4 hinges.
  67. The following printed forms may now automatically include a standard list of attachments. (See ‘Reports Management’ option to select one or more attachments):
    1. Invoice
    2. Purchase Order (Standard format and door/frame formats).
    3. Packing Slip
    4. Sales Order
    5. Quote
  68. Several windows now have a tool bar Icon to ‘Show related documents’, including Enterprise ‘Order Management’ window.
  69. Change Order controls updated to prevent modification to specific opening product where the hardware heading was not locked.
  70. Complete Window – Correction to prevent Door Type from auto populating when an Elevation Code is entered.
  71. Sales Order – Correction to reflect the current Max Tax after invoice generated.
  72. Customer Management – Division column added to include comma delimited list of assigned division codes.
  73. WIP Valuation – Added column Pin option to Order, and Order and Product tabs.
  74. Project Master – Added Project Type to optional required fields in Estimating and Detailing. Required fields can be set in Tools > System Administration > Security Manager.
  75. Project Pricing – Taxes now default from the associated Ship To, and can optionally be reset back to the Ship To by right clicking in the project tax grid.
  76. Orders Management – User can now hyperlink directly to a particular Sales Order from the Orders Management window.
  77. Exit Device Leaf Assignment – Correction to leaf assignment where a second pair of exit devices is added to a double opening.
  78. Advantage – Modifications to address issues caused by different Excel export file types.
  79. Activity Template – Correction for error related to null values when opening.
  80. Tax on Cost and Exempt performance improvements.
  81. Advantage Pricing window – corrected for issue with changing sections (introduced in recent update).
  82. Corrected for Advantage pricing where Concession Discounts were utilized and product included manufacturer option fixed net pricing.
  83. The condition in Complete window which was allowing a blank row to be saved has now been prevented.
  84. Additional refinements have been made to hardware costing with respect to manufacturer’s net pricing for options.
  85. See our new links on the Advantage What’s New page for our new Comsense YouTube channel and Twitter account.
  86. Added controls to ensure a change order could not be sold while being modified by another user.
  87. Corrected problem with Estimating Complete window unable to save a door elevation code.
  88. Corrected locking problem caused by Advantage message left open.


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