Release Notes for Version 1.13.1374

  1. Sales Orders - Maintain Openings feature (Note that this feature is not yet available for Quote entry):
    • The ‘Maintain Openings’ feature in Sales Orders now allows entry of extended information about the opening. The ‘Opening Type’ and ‘Hand’ are required for Wood Doors purchase orders and for electronic ordering of wood doors.
    • The ‘Products’ tab, opening selection window reacts differently with update 1324 in that the openings must first be defined in the ‘Openings’ tab. Those defined openings will be available in the drop down list.

  2. Order Management window – Added new tab for Invoices and Order Info
  3. Prevent purchase order status to be set to Completed where an unapplied deposit exists.
  4. Customer Master – Add new tool bar item in Actions to launch Invoices Management and print Customer Statement
  5. Customer Payment window – The Default payment method will default to the last payment method used on specified cash drawer.
  6. Purchase Order Management – Added column totals for quantity and cost columns and PO Total column has been moved to right of Status.
  7. Pool Management window – Added Refresh button.
  8. Managed Product – Corrected access restriction to tax exempt field.
  9. Unapproved Change Order report – Added tax amount.
  10. Include customers ‘On hold’ in sales order and quote customer find dialogue.
  11. Shipment Management window – Added column for Inside Salesperson.
  12. Sales Orders, Available Stock now recognizes stock product on released work orders.
  13. Sales Journal now has an option to print by Outside Salesperson
  14. Picking Slip report now includes option to show source transactions.
  15. Order Number is now printed prominently just below the transaction ID# for Stock Requisition, Picking Slip, Packing Slip, Work Order and Invoice.
  16. Purchasing and Receiving windows now provide quantity totals.
  17. A new feature has been added to Enterprise to accommodate the building of 'kitted’ product for stocking purposes (Example: Fabrication of welded frames for stocking purposes.)
    1. The process consists of building a managed stocking product for the kitted item (Example: Welded frame) and using the new Assembly tab, to enter the component pieces and labor required to fabricate the managed product. In the Cost tab, set the Net Cost value to the desired cost value (typically the sum of component pieces and labor cost) and check the flag Maintain Net cost.
    2. To replenish stock quantity for the product, use the new menu item Inventory/Purchasing > Product Assembly to enter the quantity required. This will create a Product Assembly document for the shop to fabricate the product.
    3. Use the Status to identify the typical status states. When completing the assembly, the Suggested Product may be adjusted to reflect the actual material used to fabricate the finished product. Additionally and optionally, the actual labor performed may also be entered.
    4. Upon completion of the assembly and setting the Product Assembly status to Completed, the system will deplete inventory of the suggested component pieces and add to inventory the quantity of finished product assembled. This will also journalize and entry to record the changes in stock inventory and the costs associated with the labor performed. This will require an Account Assignment’ in the ‘Shop Department’ for ‘Product Assembly Labor Clearing’. This clearing account is debited for the standard labor amount when the ‘Product Assembly’ is completed and is credited during the product count transaction which is automatically generated to increase the stock quantity of fabricated product. Note: the fabricated product FIFO cost will populate based on the ‘Net Cost’ defined in the managed product.
  18. Several areas of performance improvements – the following are the most notable:
    1. Sourcing, purchasing and receiving of large projects.
    2. Door & Frame Takeoff validation.
    3. Project Pricing.
    4. Invoices Management.
  19. Correction for Invoices Management showing retention negatively aged.
  20. Correction for Sales Tax Report error.
  21. Correction for Managed Product ‘Detailed Transactions’ window.
  22. Advantage – Pricing – Added new tab for ‘Component Costing by Manufacturer’. Discounts and net costs may be adjusted on either costing tab.
  23. Added additional security access restrictions for Advantage catalog menu items.
  24. Advantage Complete window - Added tool bar items for global changes of door & frame attribute and prep properties.
  25. Removal of user gross margin controls for Internal Change orders.
  26. Advantage Discounts window – Replaced division discount copy function with a wizard.
  27. Default Prep window – New icon added to hide/show used product.


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