Advantage Reports with Different Logos by Division

In order to use different logos for different divisions on Microsoft Word based Advantage reports, use the IMG key fields as outlined below:

  • The template needs to include a key field as a placeholder rather than the actual logo image: {IMG1}, {IMG2}, {IMG3}, up to {IMG25}
  • NOTE: Capitalization is important in the key fields. Use all caps.

 Microsoft Word window; shows a Quote Request template with the division logo key fields.

  • Inside of common\templates folder add a folder called Images
  • Inside of this Images folder add a folder named for each division code in the system
  • For each {IMG…} used in the templates there needs to exist an image file called IMG… with one of the following file extensions: "emf", "png", "jpg", "tif", "gif", "bmp"

    File Explorer; shows the location of the images to be used in place of the key fields.

The images will be inserted into the word document “inline”, which means it will push the text around it. You can use a table in your template to avoid this, and insert the image key field into an appropriate location in the table. We have used this technique in some of the headers for our current templates.


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