Catalog Subscription Additions

Supported accounts with Comsense have the option of changing catalog subscriptions throughout the year.

Most accounts request a catalog subscription report which displays the catalogs subscribed and the remaining catalogs offered by Comsense.

Comsense will require the account to reply to the report explaining which catalogs to add or remove. Once a catalog is removed all the pricing for that catalog will no longer exist in the database.

For the catalogs added; the account will have to perform a catalog update as described at Applying Updates to Opening Suite.

Once the catalogs are applied the administrator will have check these new catalogs as Selected for Search using the Advantage menus Tools, System Administration,

Manufacturer Selection, this allows the users to find the new catalogs.

The users will not be able to source using these new catalogs until a Preferred Supplier is assigned to each division using the Advantage menus Maintenance and then Manufacturer.

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