Release Notes for Version 1.16.1600

Public Release 1.16.1600 - Comsense - Software Enhancements -

  1. A sort column has been added to the Tax Master table. Use the drag/drop operation on the button to the left of the tax code to adjust the item location.
  2. When creating a new sales order, the save operation is now prevented where the required date is in the past.
  3. Stock Count Adjustments - Where the count is increased, the last received cost if available, otherwise the replacement cost is used for the FIFO layer.
  4. When completing a Work Order, the Labor Performed tab Employee column now has a button to the right of the name to launch the Employee Find dialog.
  5. Purchase Order Management window:
    1. PO# column has been expanded to show complete PO number.
    2. New column added to show partially received purchase orders.
  6. The Sourcing window, page 1 of wizard, now shows:
    1. A list of manufacturers for which a primary supplier has not been assigned
    2. A list of product which is on Hold
  7. The In-house labor master now has a right click option to Update labor cost by hourly rate. This option is secured (see new Advantage security System Function named Set Labor Cost by Hourly Rate). The right click function will present the user with a window to enter an hourly rate and a window to select the applicable division(s). Only those records filtered in the Labor Master will be affected by the rate change.
  8. Customer Return window has a new check box column to indicate if material is a stocking product.
  9. Purchase Order print for Pre-Hung units now define the door as ‘Door Definition’ instead of ‘By Others’.
  10. Receiving Report for Pre-Hung units now shows full description of both door and frame.
  11. In the Project Master, Retainage tab, the Retainage taxable check box setting is now controlled by a new security System Function named Allow Retainage Taxable Change in the Advantage Security window.
  12. Sales Order/Quote managed product search window now includes a column showing total shelf quantity.
  13. Quotes/Sales Orders – When entering a new product line item, the quantity has traditionally been set to a value of 1. This can now be set to a default value of zero based on the setting of Default Quantity in the User master.
  14. The Import/Export function for SpecWriter projects has been modified to avoid program version conflicts between the sending/receiving parties. The Export and Import window options have also been modified to better reflect intended operations. The Export operation will also automatically present the user with an email window with the export file attached.
  15. Advantage right click option to configure hardware has an additional option for Search in Managed Product. This option will open the find dialog showing Enterprise Managed Product and will create a hardware short code from the selected product.
  16. The Advantage Complete window now shows product that has been put on hold (See Enterprise Order Scheduling window for maintaining the Hold status). The Hold flag is also available in the complete window find dialog.
  17. The Complete window, Opening Phase Filter & Replace tool has been modified to have any Phase change modify both the Original and all change orders (regardless of sold status).
  18. The Estimating ‘Hardware Set with Pricing’ report has been modified to correct to intermittent duplication of product.
  19. Default Prep window has two additional features:
    1. The door & Frame prep columns with no values may show an asterisk ‘*’ watermark which indicates that the applicable hardware product is assigned to the applicable door/frame manufacturer hardware set or heading. 
    2. The ‘Hardware Set’ tab has been modified to allow for filtering of hardware set attributes such as opening size, opening type, etc.
  20. Enterprise Purchase Order now presents message to user when attempting to Release and order does not meet minimum Free Freight value.
    1. Two new security roles were created for this new feature
      “Release a Purchase Order that does not meet the Minimum Order Value”
      “Release a Purchase Order that does not meet the Minimum Order Value For Free Freight”
  21. Corrected intermittent problem with Opening Hand changes not changing existing hands on hardware products.
  22. The drop down list of customer payment methods in the entry of customer payments and deposits is now auto-filtered to include only those customer payment methods associated with bank accounts assigned to authorized divisions of the applicable user.


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