Installing the Opening Suite Client Application

To install the client you will require the following information.

SQL Server Instance will be entered during the install as the Server
SQL Server Database will be entered during the install as the Database

Locate this information in Advantage > Help > About Comsense Advantage as seen below.

About Comsense Advantage window; shows the location of the SQL Server Instance and SQL Server Database.

Download the latest client installer from

Save a copy of the client installer in your \Common\ClientInstall folder for use on other workstations to avoid waiting to download again.

Launch the installer by double-clicking the downloaded file in your Downloads folder. 

Check the box “I agree to the license terms and conditions” then click Install.

Comsense Opening Suite Client Setup window; shows the I agree to the license terms and conditions checkbox.

User Account Control may appear, click Yes. Then click Next on the Welcome to the Comsense Opening Suite Client Setup Wizard.

Comsense Opening Suite Client Setup window; shows the first page of the Setup Wizard.

Now change the placeholder “ex MyServer” to your server name, for both Production Server and Training Server as found from the About window above.

Comsense Opening Suite Client Setup window; Shows the Specify Datasource page.

Click Next

Click Typical to install Production and Training clients. 

Comsense Opening Suite Client Setup window; shows the Choose Setup Type page.

Click Install.

Comsense Opening Suite Client Setup window; shows the installation page.


The client will proceed with the installation. Click Finish once the installation completes.

Comsense Opening Suite Client Setup window; shows the Finish page.

Click Close on the last step of the wizard.

Comsense Opening Suite Client Setup window; shows the Successful Installation message.

When logging into Opening Suite for the first time or after a program update the client may require an update, and the user will receive the following message indicating the client software needs an update to match the version in the server.

Comsense Suite Updater dialog box.

If presented with this message, we recommend you cancel and launch the Opening Suite client application as Administrator to ensure files and system settings can be properly updated.  To run as Administrator on Windows 10, click the Windows button, click All Apps, scroll down to find Comsense Opening Suite, right-click Comsense Opening Suite, click More, click Run as Administrator. 

Windows 10 start menu; Shows the pathway to Run as administrator.

A User Account Control message will appear to accept or provide Administrator credentials for.

The client updater will then update the client application with files and settings from the server.

You may be prompted to perform this client update more than once in order to apply special updates.  However, if you continue to get prompted for a client updated indefinitely, this is an indication of a permission or other problem and you should contact Comsense support.

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    Rodney Herring
  • Avatar
    Patrick Teas

    Thanks Rodney, updated the link.

  • Avatar
    Matthew Tanner

    If this is in a business environment, how do they run as administrator if they dont have the password? I need to have a way to push updates when needed

  • Avatar
    Patrick Teas

    Hi Matthew,
    Windows protects the application folders with User Account Control to prevent attack by malicious processes or accidental modifications, so the Comsense client update process must be done by an account with administrative rights on the computer. This doesn't have to be the user strictly called 'Administrator' but it does have to be a Windows account that has Administrative privileges on the machine. System Administrators usually coordinate an exercise of updating the client at all workstations with their admin credentials when a program update is applied to the system, or they give the user admin privileges on their machine so they can apply the update on their own.
    I hope that helps.