Ceco Electronic Ordering Preparation

At the time of this writing, we are testing electronic ordering with Ceco.

Users of the Ceco price list will notice that recent updates include property changes, where original properties have been marked Obsolete and new properties are marked as EDI.  During this transition period the Obsolete properties will continue to function as they always have, and will print on the PO as expected.

During Sourcing you can bypass requirements of the new Ceco EDI properties. 

The properties for the RFB prep should be left blank for equal pairs, as they are only required for unequal pairs. If the opening is an equal pair, select the prep but do not enter any property information.

The Obsolete properties will remain in the price list while the electronic ordering feature is rolled out to allow users to phase out their use of the old properties. At some point following electronic ordering roll-out, these obsolete properties will be removed from the price list.


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