Managing Discontinued Product

As catalog updates are applied, the final procedure in the automated update process is to update managed product which has been configured from that catalog. Where the catalog product is not found or is identified as ‘Inactive’ or configuration attributes are no longer valid for that managed product, that product’s list price and cost will not be updated and a note will be populated in the ‘Invalid Note’ field in the Managed product record. However, the managed product will remain as ‘Active’ as there may be shelf quantities remaining and/or incomplete transactions associated with that product.

To identify managed product with this condition, use the Managed Product Management window and filter on the following columns:

  1. ‘Inactive Date’ = ‘Blanks’
  2. ‘Invalid Note’ = ‘NonBlanks’

The following is a suggested procedure for managing those identified products:

  1. Where the product is being replaced by another Catalog Product:
    1. Build a new Managed Product using the new catalog definition.
    2. Be sure there are no incomplete Stock Requisitions, or Open, Released and/or un-received purchase orders or for the old product.
    3. Use the 'Product Count' feature to reduce the old product count quantity to zero and increase the new product count quantity for the new product.
  2. Where the product is not being replaced by any other equivalent product, set the ‘Restocking Basis’ to ‘Discontinued’.

Once the shelf quantity has been depleted, populate the ‘Inactive Date’ and uncheck the ‘Stock Item’ flag.

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