Release Notes for Version 1.19.1960

  1. Invoice window margin display corrected to include labor cost.
  2. We have had reports of pricing errors in Advantage when using the ‘Previous Price Book’ option for products and where one or more options are designated as ‘Net Priced’ by the manufacturer. In an effort to minimize any inaccurate costing performed automatically by the system for this very complicated and inconsistent adherence to the pricing rules surrounding this condition, we have elected to leave those products as un-priced. These products will be readily identified by the blue background color and zero ‘Adj Cost’. This same feature of showing the cell in blue is initiated where the user has established a special net and/or discount for that product in the Discount window as we have no means currently for users to maintain special net and/or discounts for previous price books. However, using the right click option to show ‘Review Component Pricing’, will show the list pricing and cost as according to the best rules that we have to work with. Upon review and recognition of an accurately system generated total extended cost, simply check the ‘Verify and use the calculated price above’ check-box and click OK. This cost will then be populated in the ‘Adj Cost’ cell. If the system calculated cost is not accurate, then simply close the window and populate the ‘Adj Cost’ cell with your manually calculated value.(Refer to the two screen shots below)

  3. Assa Abloy Opening Studio AAOS spec-writing import feature has been refined as follows:
    1. Allow changes to open type, open hand, opening size.
    2. Check for duplicate openings.
    3. Check for invalid sizes.
  4. The Hardware Set import feature now allows for a common mapped Comsense product to multiple imported line items. Additionally, the import option allows importing of hardware sets that have been previously defined BUT those previously defined hardware sets must not have any product entered under that hardware set.
  5. Corrected error when running Advantage ‘Description Rebuild’ routine.
  6. Freight entry now provides option to duplicate to all other cost groups in the section.
  7. Corrected Screen Scaling issue when running reports on high-dpi monitor.
  8. Enterprise ‘Favorites’ feature has been enhanced to provide for a definition of a collection of product, parts and or labor. When selecting a ‘Favorite’ in the Sales Order or Quote window, the user has the option to the select a favorite in the same manner as you have been accustomed but with the additional ability to select all of the pre-defined list of product/parts/labor or pick and choose only those items that are required to the specific order requirement.
    1. Maintaining Favorites – To choose multiple products, parts and or labor use the right click option in the lower and choose applicable option(s)

    2. Selecting favorites in the Sales Order or Quote using the right click and ‘Favorites’ option.  Users have the option to select all the listed product/parts/labor by clicking the ‘Add All’ button or select specific lines

  9. Advantage ‘Project’ window, ‘Bid’ tab customer selection window now auto-filters out unauthorized divisions.
  10. Sales Orders can no longer be set to a ‘Deleted’ status where unapplied payments exist.
  11. Corrected intermittent problem with product replacement in Complete window for headings with multiple openings and multiple openings hands.
  12. A deposit may now be applied in Payables to a purchase order for Miscellaneous Costs.
  13. Intermittent changes to Sales Order/Project customer codes not changing all associated invoices has been corrected.
  14. A new tax feature has been added to accommodate the following (See document ‘Tax Rate Changes Grandfathered to awarded projects and ‘Sold’ change orders only’) :
    1. At least one state has introduced a new tax ruling where-by new tax increases are subject to un-sold change orders. Existing awarded projects are grandfathered to the old tax rate as are sold change orders as of the effective date of the new tax rate.
    2. Currently, our software does not easily accommodate a mixture of tax rates over the life of the project and it is particularly difficult for projects with sold change orders numbering at times in excess of 100 change orders.
  15. To accommodate this new ruling, both Advantage and Enterprise features have been modified to allow quick and easy assignment of the appropriate tax rate code to each of the sold/unsold conditions. The process does require the setup of a new tax code to represent the ‘OLD’ tax rate and the existing tax code will have its tax rate changed to the new tax rate on the date that the new tax rate becomes effective. A new ‘wizard’ is provided in the Advantage pricing window to change the tax code on the original awarded project and global change feature to provide for the changing of tax code on those change orders sold prior to the effective date of the tax rate. Additionally, users may assign a default tax code for any new change orders being entered to help ensure that the proper taxes being reflected going forward. 
  16. The feature in sourcing to allow for the alternate sourcing of material to non-requisitioned managed product and a labor operation without the system creating a stock requisition for the product, has been re-instated.
  17. Correction for performance problem with Advantage keying entry window.
  18. Enterprise ‘Check Register’ report – Added option to exclude printing of voided checks.
  19. Corrected for Net priced product not auto-populating as an adjusted cost in Advantage/Pricing window.
  20. Corrected Advantage Only systems, Packing Slip, opening selection window.
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  • Please make a video for this import as I have run into numerous problems. thank you

  • Hi Thomas,
    We have several videos available related to importing found at

    The AAOS import video is currently in the works.

    I see that my colleague has identified the issue you were facing in a support ticket. For other readers' benefit, the trouble was caused by a duplicate opening in the AAOS file. AAOS allows for multiple openings with the same opening number and Comsense does not. Currently users must modify the duplicate opening numbers in the import file prior to importing. We are working on a refinement to provide this type of validation and an interface to adjust duplicates during the import process.



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