Release Notes for Version 1.20.2071

The following reflects all changes between versions 1.19.1960 and 1.20.2071.

  1. In order to address issues with high DPI displays when previewing Enterprise reports, we are now utilizing a new report previewer. This new viewer renders reports natively in PDF format. You can easily open the report in your default PDF viewing application by clicking a toolbar item Open in Default PDF Viewer to gain access to the functionality offered by other PDF viewers. This new PDF viewer does not have an export to Excel option, so we have added a new tool bar item 'Save as Excel' which will provide the same functionality as your previous software version.
  2. Reinstate old method of deleting projects.  The 'Deleted' check box is now active. The File, Delete option is also still an option for deleting. 
  3. Corrected for PO key code details incorrectly reflecting change order key codes.
  4. Present user with more explicit message when intermittent data issue occurred in Default Preps.
  5. Correct for intermittent incorrect drop down list of property values.
  6. Corrected issue with Check Register Report showing incorrect amounts for Voided checks.
  7. Corrected for incorrect property names when using the standard PO form for wood doors.
  8. Corrected for intermittent margin % calculation on Sales Journal.
  9. Added InsideSales column to Work Order and Stock Requisition Management windows.
  10. Customer Mgmt Window/ Ship-to tab - A suffix of 'X' has been added to tax codes where tax is exempt.
  11. Corrected for condition where entering new door numbers and using filter, when filter is removed the openings with the filter value remain at the top of the list (this only occurs for openings that have not yet been saved).
  12.  Two additional controls have been added to ensure that all takeoff information has been updated prior to sourcing a project. First, detection of abnormal termination of project pricing that may be attributed to user forcing termination of the process, power failures, etc. Secondly, additional control features have been introduced to detect where some of the more obscure takeoff information changes have occurred and have not prompted the user to re-price the project. Where either of these conditions have been detected during the Sourcing process, users will be required to 're-price' the project before proceeding with Sourcing.
  13. Complete window - Opening Product Cost window - now shows as-built costs rather than Original project product/costs.
  14. Invoice Entry - Display to user on entry, the 'Invoice Note' field value from the customer Profile tab.
  15. Customer Return - An invoice will now always be created for non-project returns even if amount is zero.
  16. Direct entry of shipment number is now validating authorized division.
  17. Corrected for Frame takeoff attribute changes not flagging project as 'Costing Not Up-To-Date'.
  18. Stock Replenishment - Suggest Order Qty and Anticipate Stock Out now use Avail qty rather than Shelf Qty in the calculation.
  19. Project Pricing - Corrected for Tax Exempt column having intermittent incorrect values (Note: this has no impact on the actual tax calculation at time of invoicing.)
  20. Added refinements to improve clarity of elevation dimensions.
  21. When using the Complete window 'Heading Builder' AND where the option is chosen to 'Make headings same as hardware sets', additional controls have been added to ensure that the heading number does not exceed the 10 character limit.  This condition is most likely to occur where the heading builder is performed for openings which do not yet have headings assigned and other openings have headings previously assigned. The Heading Builder window has a new field named 'Delimiter and is defaulted to use a period. Where  hardware sets or existing headings include this default period, a message will presented to request the user to change the delimiter to another character or two characters.  

  22. Combined PO's - Will will now segregate line items for same product where notes are different.
  23. The Packing Slip and Invoice Print now has an option to print line item pricing for projects (See Report Management option 'Show Sell Price')
  24. 'About Comsense Advantage' window, 'Licenses in Use' list, now provides a right click option to disconnect users. (User must have Administrator rights to perform this function.)
  25. Order Summary - Estimate & Detailed margin for Sales Orders was incorrect where freight was recorded on the Sales Order.
  26. Prevent Payable's from being set to deleted where receiving qty's have been assigned. 
  27. Unapplied Deposits Report - Correction where backdated report was incorrectly including future dated transactions.
  28. Correction for intermittent cost adjustments not reporting correctly on Sales Journal.
  29. Use tax can now be modified on sold change orders.
  30. Corrected for intermittent system error in the default prep window.
  31. Corrected for issue with change order where removing hardware with door and/or frame preps and where system was not responding correctly to users 'No' response to window asking to remove preps from sourced door and/or frame.
  32. Corrected for repetitive 'No' response when deleting short codes in the Hardware/Products tab.
  33. When building a Special Product in Enterprise, the 'Full Description' is now a required entry.
  34. Default Prep history no longer holds property values.
  35. The column 'Last Date Counted' in the Managed Product Management now reflect the correct last date instead of the oldest count date.
  36. When sourcing to a purchase order that is intended to be submitted electronically, it is VERY IMPORTANT that all required property values be populated as purchase orders with missing required properties will not be eligible for transmission electronically. Therefore, DO NOT check the Sourcing Wizard option on Page 1 to 'Ignore missing properties'. If you have any applicable purchase orders in the 'Open' state and where you do not have the expected 'Create EDI' option, then you need to review each line item (Click + button) to show properties and review those properties designated as 'Required' and with no property value populated. The purchase order will need to be deleted and resourced after an internal change order is created to populate the missing values.
  37. WIP Transfers can now be printed when in 'Open' status.
  38. Print options have been refined to allow printing with fewer mouse clicks.
    • Where the report management window 'Print Dialog Visible' is unchecked: 
      • The report will print immediately to your windows default printer unless there is a pre-defined 'Printer/PaperSource' defined in the Report Management window.  NOTE: if the "Printer/PaperSource' cannot be found, you will be presented with a 'Print' dialog window for selection of a valid printer.
    • Where the report management window 'Print Dialog Visible' is checked: 
      • You will be presented with the 'Print Dialog' where we have added a new toolbar icon for 'Quick Print'. This Quick Print will print immediately to your windows default printer unless there is a pre-defined 'Printer/PaperSource' defined in the Report Management window.  NOTE: if the "Printer/PaperSource' cannot be found, you will be presented with a 'Print' dialog window for selection of a valid printer.
  39. Correct for 'Replace Product' feature in Hardware window/Product Tab which was not responding to the prompt 'Would you like to keep the default prep' .
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