Template Project Folder Structure

Update: Begining with version 1.21.2127 this feature also works for Quotes and Sales Orders.

When creating new projects, either specifications, estimates, detailed jobs, quotes, or sales orders the system can create a standard folder structure as well as include standard files for every project.

To configure this for your projects:

  1. In the Common folder under ClientData create a folder called Template.  Eg.  Myserver\Common\ClientData\Template.
  2. In the Template folder, create a subfolder for each project type, including Estimating, Detailing, Specifications, Quote, SalesOrder (Note no spaces).
  3. Within each project type subfolder add the folders and files that you want to be included with each new project of that particular type.



Each project created from this point forward will copy the contents of the Template folder for its project type into the new project folder.

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