Sales Orders/Quotes

Sales Orders/Quotes:

  1. Click Sales Order/Quote in Order Entry menu
  2. Click New or New From (To copy an existing order)
  3. Click on Magnifying Glass to Search for existing Customer/Contractor
  4. Input Description – This is your Job Name or Job reference information.
  5. Input Ship To Information – By using the drop-down menu or create a new address.
  6. Select Inside Sales Person
  7. Select Delivery Method (Our Truck, Customer Pick Up, UPS, Direct Ship, LTL, Fed Ex etc…)
  8. Input Required Date – This is the date you want our warehouse to deliver material to the job.
  9. Input Customer Purchase Order #
  10. Input any Notes, Internal Notes and/or Delivery Notes                                                             (Delivery Notes is a good place for job site contact information)
  11. Right Click below to select one of the following options
    • Inventory Favorites – Usually just frames built as a unit
    • Manage Product – Products in our Inventory
    • Hardware – Non-Stock Items
    • Door – Non-Stock Items
    • Frame – To build a 3 piece frame from Stock or create a Non-Stock Item (Add Machine Preps in either the Door or Frame screen)
    • Part/Labor – To be done in our Shop Department
    • Special Product – Items that are not Comsense supported
    • Pool – Items returned from Projects or SO’s that are Non-Inventory
    • Elevation – Built Hollow Metal Frames (Built-in Advantage)
    • Quote Detail – items from a quote – if you didn’t create SO from a saved quote
  12. Input Quantities and Sell Price accordingly
  13. You can select to Save & Close and come back later to Source Material OR
  14. When Ready Source all of the material to one of the following - Purchase Order, Stock Requisition, Work Order or WIP Transfer
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Date Votes
  • The "Ship Complete" is a great tool when you only want one shipment on the Order. This will stop your Shipping department from creating a partial shipment.

    If you end up needing to create a partial, you can simply go back into the Sales Order and uncheck the "Ship Complete" box?

  • What impact does the 'Ship Complete' Check box have on a Sales Order?


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