How To Update Your Newsletter Profile

Subscribers to our Comsense Newsletter can update their profile by clicking on the Update Profile link at the bottom of the newsletter, or by returning to the signup form.

Clicking the Update Profile link is the easiest method, as the system can identify you from the link, and will take you straight to your profile page.

To update your profile from the signup form, enter your email address as if you were signing up for the list. You will see a notice that the address is already subscribed and a link will be provided to update your profile. Clicking this link will send an email to you which will include a personalized link to update your profile.

Your personalized email will look something like the image below:

On the Profile Update page you can update your details. 
Please be sure to select the Subscriptions you would like to receive, Newsletter and/or ComsenseOnline Notices.

Click the Update Profile at the bottom of the form to save your changes.



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