Hollow Metal Project Costing Across Price Book Versions

The Comsense Opening Suite, and AHM before it, does not currently have the ability to store multiple price lists per brand for hollow metal, or accessory brands.

The following process can help you handle situations where a price list update is released and applied yet you have price protection for your project to continue to use the previous pricing.

Determine your original net cost by product category:

  1. For any price protected unsold estimates/bids and detailed projects, print the Component Costing report as outlined below.
  2. Run the component costing report (Estimating/Detailing > Reports > Report Type: Costing and Pricing > Report: Component Costing) for the unsold Estimate or Detailed project PRIOR TO RUNNING PRICING on the project. We suggest you save or print this report for future reference.
  3. Locate the Manufacturer you are concerned with in the Project Cost Summary section at the end of the report.
  4. For each product category note the total net cost.

  5. Repeat the process above for each contemplated (unsold) change order on detailed projects.

Modify Discount to Get Total Net Cost back to Original:

  1. With the Costing and Pricing report in hand, you can now use the Quoted Concession feature for any protected estimate/bid that you are now selling, as well as price protected detailed projects in the pricing window. (Estimating/Detailing > Pricing)
  2. Pricing will recalculate using the updated price list.
  3. Follow this process for the original project first, and then you will want to do the same for any contemplated (unsold) change orders.
  4. Right-click in the pricing window and choose Quoted Concessions.

  5. Modify the Discount Structure for each product category in question in order to end up with the same total net cost for the category as was originally reported in the costing and pricing report prior to repricing. This can be calculated by taking 1 minus the result of original price protected net cost for the cost group located on the Costing and Pricing report divided by the new total list price per cost group [1-(Original Net/New List)]x100. 
  6. Quoted concessions apply to the main project and change orders, however when a quoted concession is changed, the original discount string is set as a custom discount string on unsold change order line items and given a green background. At this point, you can have the new quoted concession apply to the change order line items by right-clicking the affected lines and choose Restore Defaults. Rather than go through this for all unsold change orders, some portion of which may never be approved by your customer, you could wait until the change order is approved and restore the default quoted concession discount string at that time.

-- Edited November 11 to clarify discount strings on change order line items.

-- Edited November 14 to reference estimates and calculation for new concession discount.





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