Creating a Unique Bid Proposal for Multiple Divisions

*Note: The legacy Submittal and Advantage Reports tool will be obsolete by March 2022. We recommend Setting up the New Submittal & Advantage Reports Tool as soon as possible and familiarizing yourself with the interface and usage.

The bid proposal supports Division specific Bid Proposal layouts.

The system will look for a Bid Proposal template in a subfolder with the division code that matches the project division for the bid being printed.

As an example, take a company with Division 001 and Division 002.

The default bid proposal templates are located at:

  • \Common\Templates\Estimating\Bid Proposal\
  • \Common\Templates\Detailing\Bid Proposal\

To create a layout specific to Division 002, create a subfolder named after the division the Bid Proposal:

  • \Common\Templates\Estimating\Bid Proposal\002\

Copy in or otherwise create the layout that you want in the \002\ folder. The system will first look for a layout in the division folder, if not found it will use the default layout in the \Bid Proposal\ folder.

File Explorer showing the location ComsenseServer\Common\Templates\Estimating\Bid Proposal.
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