Changes to ASSA Abloy's Canadian Catalogues

2020 edit: Per Assa Abloy, McKinney Canada will continue to maintain a unique Canadian price book, which will continue to be represented under the "CMC" manufacturer code.

With the recent changes to ASSA Abloy’s price book structuring, Comsense will be migrating all Canadian customers subscribed to three-digit ASSA price books (e.g. CSA) to the new two-digit North American standard price books.

The affected price books and their effective dates are below:


Customers' subscriptions will be migrated concurrently with the effective dates of the new catalogues and will be automatic for users. The new price books will appear as available catalogue updates a few days before the effective date and should be applied as soon as they’re available.

These price book changes will require some special attention from users to ensure a smooth transition to the new price books. These steps are outlined below. Please click the related hyperlinks to access our Help Center guides.

  1. Suppliers will need to be set up for the new manufacturers.
  2. Discounts and buying programs will need to be set up in Advantage. View a video tutorial here.
  3. New Managed Products will need to be created via Product Master to replace the old products.
  4. Inventory will need to be migrated from the previous price book to the new version via a Product Count. 
  5. Where applicable, the manufacturer’s currency will need to be set to CAD in Advantage (Maintenance>Manufacturer>Currency).
  6. The new price books will need to be set up for pricing, images, and search in the "Manufacturer Selection" window. It can be accessed via Tools>System Administration>Manufacturer Selection.
  7. With the sizeable differences between previous and current list prices, if any products are being sold using pricing formulas (e.g. a customer receives list less 50% for all products), the customer pricing formulas for customer roles should be reviewed via Enterprise>System Options>Pricing Formula.
  8. If your organization makes use of the stock replenishment process for any affected products, the Usage Report (Enterprise>Product Master>Usage) will need to be modified manually. The best workflow is to open both the old and new products in separate windows via Product Master, then copy the information in the "Actual Usage" column of the old product to the "Adjusted Usage" column of the new product. This process should be completed at the end of a given month to ensure no usage is overwritten. If you have any questions regarding this process, please reach out to us via the contact information at the bottom of this post.

The Canadian price books will be left in an open state for six months from the effective date of the new price books, upon which the books will be marked as inactive. This is to ensure ample time for users to complete projects with protected pricing and migrate inventory from the previous manufacturer code to the new code.

Please note that during this transition period, special care will be required to ensure users are specifying the correct manufacturer and product. Depending on individual circumstances, some users may opt to unsubscribe from the Canadian price books in Advantage via Tools>System Administration>Manufacturer Selection and unchecking the “Selected for Search” box.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team via email ( or phone (1-905-542-9300).


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