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Release Notes for Version 1.24.2402

Version 1.24.2402:

  1. Installation Worksheet - Corrected for wrong change order hours where the product is being deducted.
  2. This update includes a significant change in the method for calculating 'Suggested Billing' amounts for projects as follows:
    1. Suggested billing will now only include amounts relating to the actual product on the associated shipments.
    2. Suggested billing amounts for Hardware will no longer include amounts for change order deducts (refer to the next point with regard to Doors & Frames).
    3. Door and Frame suggested billing amounts for change orders will continue as normal relative to Original Project and other associated change order amounts for the specific door being shipped. For example, if where a flush door was on the original project and change order # 1 added a lite kit and that door is on the shipment being invoiced, the system will show an suggested billing amount for  the original flush door and will also show a suggested billing amount for change order # 1 flush door deduct and flush door with lite kit add.
    4. The 'Change Order Billings' tab will continue to show Change Order activity. However, for the system to include any of this activity in the suggested billing amount, the user must manually check the 'Selected' box. This exercise is most typically done when all the product has been shipped and invoiced. This will generally 'clean-up' all the leftover change order billings.
    5. Where the suggested billing amount is within $10.00  of the 'Balance To Invoice', the 'Actual Billing' amount will include that 'Balance to invoice'.
    6. An additional feature has been added to the new 'Suggest Billing' change which allows users to set, by Division, the preferred suggested billing method. The Division Master has a new field named 'Auto-Select Orphaned Change Order Suggested Billings'.  This field will be checked by default (which results in no change to the previous suggest billing method).  There is also a new 'Total' display on the Invoice window/Change Order Billings' tab which will reflect a total of all filtered rows.
  3. Installation module refinements:
    1. Corrected for intermittent quantity error on the original project where change orders existed.
  4. Installation Sourcing - Corrected issue where new openings added in a change order were not showing to be sourced.
  5. Installation module refinements:
    1. Corrected for performance issue in the  Installation Worksheet.
    2. Added additional options for the 'Opening Report':
      1. Added 'Label/Rating' in the header.
      2. Added option to print 'Verified' checkboxes beside 'Installed' checkboxes.
      3. Added option to print a summary of Hardware at end of the report.
    3. Corrected for an error when entering override of total installation costs at bottom of Installation Worksheet.
    4. Allow sourced product to be set to 'Installed by Others'.
  6. Default Prep Window - Corrected for an issue where frame prep was not applying to hardware set when the frame prep was entered before the door prep.
  7. Corrected for an issue where Elevation 'parts' designated as 'Ship Separate' were not being sourced.
  8. Performance improvements have been made in several areas.
  9. A correction has been made to address intermittent incorrect suggested sourced cost for Installation when only partial openings are selected.
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