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Release Notes for Version 1.25.2548

Version 1.25.2548:

  1. Corrected for pricing error where option is priced based on size.
  2. Corrected for Elevations being set to RED where a change order has been sold for unrelated product.
  3. Allegion Overtur import issue corrected where the import doubled the rows for single openings and populated incorrect opening size.
  4. Orders Actions window is now loaded by User by default rather than by Division in order to improve load times. However, it can still be loaded by Division by clicking the 'By Division' box in the top Tool Bar section. We do recommend that, for high volume accounts, this 'Division' option be used sparingly to minimize any potential system performance degradation.
  5. Advantage Pricing/Component Costing window now shows a read-only column for "Mfgr's Quote Reference' for better visibility.
  6. Advantage project search now includes customer name.
  7. We have added additional security to the sourcing process which requires the user to have authorization to one or more of the divisions associated with the supplier. If a given manufacturer has a Preferred supplier and division, but that division is not included on the Supplier > Divisions tab, or the user is not authorized for any of these divisions, the user will be presented with the following message: (NOTE - the division must also be assigned in the Supplier Master > Divisions tab)
    1. err1.png

Version 1.25.2542:

  1. Corrected for Elevations Costing not saving where a project was set to 'Completed' status and subsequently changed back to 'Released' status. 

Version 1.25.2541:

  1. Corrected for intermittent bug where managed product "Alternates' were defined for one or more warehouses resulting in subsequent sourcing with incorrect quantities.
  2. Where 'Activities Templates' are defined with the 'Owner' left blank, that activity will now be brought into a new project with the 'Owner' being populated with the Users name (otherwise 'Owner' will be left as defined in the Activity Template).

Version 1.25.2539:

  1. Corrected for intermittent bug where Elevations were being reverted to a status needing costing to be updated.
  2. Enterprise Quote Print now includes option to print attachments.
  3. Corrected for hardware pricing error where one or more options have a percent add and another option is a net price.

Version 1.25.2534:

  1. The Shipment window now includes a check box for 'Staged' which is designed to assist in scheduling shipments.  The intent is for the warehouse and/or shipping manager to check the box once the shipments is ready to be shipped. The Shipment Management window and the Order Management Window/Shipments Tab also include the Staged check box.

Version 1.25.2524:

  1. Corrected for product remaining in Pricing Component Costing when deleting a short code due to  bug in program version 2510
  2. Corrected for issue introduced after update 2509 where Quote & Sales order  copying and modifying of a door with 2 different sized lite kits doubles the quantity of lite kits for each size.

Version 1.25.2521:

  1. Corrected for intermittent product duplicating resulting from bug in program version 2510
  2. Added Shipment header information to Data Warehouse.
  3. Corrected for right click operation in Advantage Hardware Discounts window.

Version 1.25.2517:

  1. Corrected condition where adding a new manufacturer was not allowing for application of discounting.

Version 1.25.2515:

  1. Corrected performance issue with preps when running SQL2016 in 2016 compatibility mode.

Version 1.25.2514:

  1. Corrected Advantage Manufacturer to save Currency.

Version 1.25.2513:

  1. Correction for update 2510 regarding excess product in costing window.

Version 1.25.2510:

  1. Complete Window - Corrected condition when changing sorting order of handed hardware product, the sort change was not being reflected in all openings for the specific heading.
  2. Enterprise - Installation Opening Report - Corrected for error when running the report from the 'Reports' menu with selected openings.
  3. Advantage Pricing window, Installation Worksheet - Negative quantities no longer show where change orders were sold prior to main project being designated as 'Installed'.
  4. Installation Work Orders - Corrected for incorrect cost on new work orders created when removing openings from an 'Open' or 'Released' work order.
  5. Advantage Discount/Buying Program maintenance interface has been modified to provide a more productive means of managing discounts for multiple divisions. Click to view instructions.
  6. Enterprise  Shipment, payment window no longer auto-populates a payment amount and will require manual entry.
  7. Additional controls have been implemented in the Installation Worksheet to ensure that all product has an associated installation operation. A warning will presented were Installation Operations are missing and, additionally, users will not be able to proceed with selling a change order where an Installation Operation is missing.
  8. Sales Order & Quote window - Territory drop down list now filters out Territories where user is not authorized for associated Territory division restrictions.
  9. Purchase Order pre-payments (deposits) - Where the supplier is designated with a foreign currency, the application of that deposit will now reflect the associated exchange rate when the deposit was recorded. This will correct for the previous potential error of remaining balances showing in the Prepaid Payables report.
  10. The Warehouse master window now allows users to change the Warehouse code.  With applicable warehouse loaded in the window, go to the top menu item of your application window and choose 'Actions', then choose 'Change Warehouse Code'.
  11. Advantage pricing window now allows users to delete unwanted Installation line items which were previously populated by the Installation Operations window.
  12. Removed blocking of BYO in c/o when changing heading.

Version 1.24.2414:

  1. Improved performance in the following reports:
    1. Backlog
    2. Sales Report
    3. Shipments Not Invoiced.
  2. Installation Worksheet - modified window to combine like product & installation operations for sold change orders prior to project being set to 'Installed'.

Version 1.24.2409:

  1. Corrected intermittent error in Backlog Report when selecting by Division.
  2. Advantage 'Complete Window', hardware setting for 'IBO' will now prompt user to apply to all openings in the heading.
  3. The Check Register Report (Summary Option) now repeats the  Remit-to Name for every line.

Version 1.24.2406:

  1. Corrected issue in Advantage where setting the 'Lock' flag prior to selling the project, was removing the Estimator name in the Project Master Sections tab.
  2. Corrected tax printing issue on Pay Application and Invoice print when choosing option to show Retention.
  3. Corrected Advantage pricing window GM% which was incorrectly showing as a positive value where the Contract amount was a negative value.







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  • RE: Wall condition field. In the frame screen, estimators enter a generic non handed elevation, used in multiple openings with multiple hardware sets. The wall condition field is used to filter and sort these elevations and then apply the correct handings and preps. When entering the wall condition, it is now changing all the hardware sets, to match the first line where that elevation appears. A project could have many multiple hardware sets that need the exact same preps. The hardware set should not be an attribute of an elevation.

  • Hi Jim, I will create a ticket and reach out to you, and I have alerted our development team of the possible issue.


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