Data Fields Available for Opening Product Labels

The Opening Product Labels can be customized to a certain degree beyond their default layout and contents. You can adjust the page size, label size and spacing using the Label Template window in Enterprise. There is also some customization that can be done to the contents of the labels. This customization requires modification to the label code and so should be done by a Customer Success Specialist at Comsense. To help get an idea of what data is available to include on the Opening Product Label we have included a table below with all of the data elements available.


Table Column Type Max
SalesOrder SalesOrderId int  
SalesOrder OrderNumber string 10
SalesOrder IsProject boolean  
SalesOrder OrderDescription string 60
SalesOrder Status string 50
SalesOrder Division string 8
SalesOrder DivisionName string 50
SalesOrder Company string 8
SalesOrder CompanyName string 60
SalesOrder Warehouse string 8
SalesOrder WarehouseName string 60
SalesOrder CustomerShipToName string 60
SalesOrder Customer string 8
SalesOrder CustomerName string 60
SalesOrder CustomerJobNumber string 20
SalesOrder CustomerPONumber string 20
SalesOrder InsideSales string 30
SalesOrder InsideSalesName string 40
SalesOrder OutsideSales string 30
SalesOrder OutsideSalesName string 40
SalesOrder IsMetric boolean  
SalesOrder CreatedBy string 30
SalesOrder CreatedByName string 40
SalesOrder CreatedDate dateTime  
SalesOrderAddress SalesOrderId int  
SalesOrderAddress CompanyAddress string 160
SalesOrderAddress CompanyAddress1Line string 160
SalesOrderAddress CompanyCity string 40
SalesOrderAddress CompanyProvinceState string 40
SalesOrderAddress CompanyPostalZipCode string 15
SalesOrderAddress CompanyCountry string 40
SalesOrderAddress CompanyPhone string 30
SalesOrderAddress CompanyFax string 30
SalesOrderAddress CompanyEmail string 100
SalesOrderAddress DivisionAddress string 160
SalesOrderAddress DivisionAddress1Line string 160
SalesOrderAddress DivisionCity string 40
SalesOrderAddress DivisionProvinceState string 40
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPostalZipCode string 15
SalesOrderAddress DivisionCountry string 40
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPhone string 30
SalesOrderAddress DivisionFax string 30
SalesOrderAddress DivisionEmail string 100
SalesOrderAddress DivisionLogo string 110
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPOAddressSameAsMain boolean  
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPOAddress string 160
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPOAddress1Line string 160
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPOCity string 40
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPOProvinceState string 40
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPOPostalZipCode string 15
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPOCountry string 40
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPOPhone string 30
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPOFax string 30
SalesOrderAddress DivisionPOEmail string 100
SalesOrderAddress OrderAddress string 160
SalesOrderAddress OrderAddress1Line string 160
SalesOrderAddress OrderCity string 40
SalesOrderAddress OrderProvinceState string 40
SalesOrderAddress OrderPostalZipCode string 15
SalesOrderAddress OrderCounty string 40
SalesOrderAddress OrderCountry string 40
SalesOrderAddress OrderPhone string 30
SalesOrderAddress OrderFax string 30
SalesOrderAddress OrderEmail string 100
SalesOrderAddress CustomerAddress string 160
SalesOrderAddress CustomerAddress1Line string 160
SalesOrderAddress CustomerCity string 40
SalesOrderAddress CustomerProvinceState string 40
SalesOrderAddress CustomerPostalZipCode string 15
SalesOrderAddress CustomerCounty string 40
SalesOrderAddress CustomerCountry string 40
SalesOrderAddress CustomerPhone string 30
SalesOrderAddress CustomerFax string 30
SalesOrderAddress CustomerEmail string 100
SalesOrderAddress CustomerShipToAddress string 160
SalesOrderAddress CustomerShipToAddress1Line string 160
SalesOrderAddress CustomerShipToCity string 40
SalesOrderAddress CustomerShipToProvinceState string 40
SalesOrderAddress CustomerShipToPostalZipCode string 15
SalesOrderAddress CustomerShipToCounty string 40
SalesOrderAddress CustomerShipToCountry string 40
SalesOrderAddress CustomerShipToPhone string 30
SalesOrderAddress CustomerShipToFax string 30
SalesOrderAddress CustomerShipToEmail string 100
SalesOrderAddress WarehouseAddress string 160
SalesOrderAddress WarehouseAddress1Line string 160
SalesOrderAddress WarehouseCity string 40
SalesOrderAddress WarehouseProvinceState string 40
SalesOrderAddress WarehousePostalZipCode string 15
SalesOrderAddress WarehouseCountry string 40
SalesOrderAddress WarehousePhone string 30
SalesOrderAddress WarehouseFax string 30
SalesOrderAddress WarehouseEmail string 100
SalesOrderDetail SalesOrderDetailId int  
SalesOrderDetail SalesOrderId int  
SalesOrderDetail LineNumber int  
SalesOrderDetail ProductCode int  
SalesOrderDetail Description string 1024
SalesOrderDetail ProductType string 9
SalesOrderDetail Hand string 9
SalesOrderDetail MfgCode string 4
SalesOrderDetail MfgName string 40
SalesOrderDetail ProductCategory string 4
SalesOrderDetail ProductCategoryName string 30
SalesOrderDetail Section string 40
SalesOrderDetail CostGroup string 30
SalesOrderDetailOpening SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfoId int  
SalesOrderDetailOpening SalesOrderDetailId int  
SalesOrderDetailOpening OpeningId int  
SalesOrderDetailOpening Quantity int  
SalesOrderDetailOpening NumberOfLabels int  
SalesOrderDetailOpening RequiredDate dateTime  
SalesOrderDetailOpening ShortCode string 12
Opening OpeningId int  
Opening ChangeOrderNumber int  
Opening OpeningNumber string 20
Opening OpeningQuantity int  
Opening OpeningSize string 22
Opening OpeningWidth decimal  
Opening OpeningHeight decimal  
Opening OpeningType string 2
Opening Heading string 10
Opening HardwareSet string 10
Opening OpeningHand string 9
Opening DegreeOfOpening string 30
Opening IsExterior boolean  
Opening IsPair boolean  
Opening LabelAndRating string 30
Opening LocationA string 255
Opening ToOrFrom string 1
Opening LocationB string 255
Opening Location string  
Opening BuildingArea string 30
Opening Phase string 100
Opening OpeningDescription string 255
Opening OpeningSort decimal  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfoId int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo SalesOrderDetailId int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo OpeningId int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo SalesOrderId int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo OrderNumber string 10
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo IsProject boolean  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo OrderDescription string 60
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Division string 61
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Warehouse string 71
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo CustomerShipTo string 60
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Customer string 71
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo CustomerJobNumber string 20
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo CustomerPONumber string 20
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo LineNumber int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo ProductCode int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Description string 1024
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo OpeningNumber string 20
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo ChangeOrderNumber int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo OpeningSize string 22
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo OpeningType string 2
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Heading string 10
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo HardwareSet string 10
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo OpeningHand string 9
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo DegreeOfOpening string 30
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo IsExterior boolean  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo IsPair boolean  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo LabelAndRating string 30
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Location string  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo BuildingArea string 30
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Phase string 100
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo OpeningDescription string 255
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo OpeningSort decimal  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Mfg string 47
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo ProductCategory string 37
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Section string 40
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo CostGroup string 30
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo ShortCode string 12
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo RequiredDate dateTime  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Quantity int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo QuantityPerLabel int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo SuggestedNumberOfLabels int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo NumberOfLabels int  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo LabelsPrinted boolean  
SalesOrderDetailOpeningInfo Selected boolean  
PurchaseOrder PurchaseOrderNumber string  
Receiving ReceivingID int  
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