Catalog Settings for Discount Division Groups

How to: Group divisions that use the same discounts from the same manufacturer.

*Note: If you only have one division, this article does not apply.

Environment: Comsense Advantage (Version 1.25.2548 or later)

This update:

  • Speeds up catalog updates
  • Speeds up transactions requiring product configuration and pricing
  • Uses a more efficient method of applying buying programs
    • Especially when all divisions have the same buying program

In this article:

  1. Accessing Catalog Settings 
  2. Grouping Divisions
    1. Catalog Settings Wizard
    2. Individual Line Items 
  3. Moving or Removing Divisions
  4. Applying Discounts
  5. Related Courses

Accessing Catalog Settings

Advantage > Catalog Maint. > Catalog Settings

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Navigation Menu showing the location of catalog maintenance menu and catalog settings
Image 1: Advantage Left-Hand Navigation Menu

Grouping Divisions

When you initially group divisions that use the same discounts, one division's discounts overwrites the other divisions' discounts. Always create a group using a division with the appropriate discounts as the overwriter. Once the divisions are in a group they all have the same discount.

The two methods of grouping divisions are:

  1. Catalog Settings Wizard
  2. Individual line item

Catalog Settings Wizard

The purpose of the Catalog Settings Wizard is grouping multiple divisions in one attempt AND creating division groups for more than one manufacturer at a time. If you are creating division groups for more than one manufacturer, each group needs the same overwriting division. The wizard only creates groups with divisions that have:

  • Common manufacturers
  • Never been grouped
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List of ungrouped divisions for one manufacturer
Image 2: Ungrouped Divisions for One Manufacturer

In the Catalog Settings window top toolbar: 

  1. Click Catalog Settings Wizard
    • The Catalog Settings Wizard will open
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Top toolbar showing the location of catalog maintenance wizard button
Image 3: Catalog Maintenance Wizard Icon
  1. Select all manufacturers that:
    • Require division grouping 
    • Require the same division for overwriting
  2. Click Add
    • The manufacturers will move to the bottom pane  of the wizard
  3. Click Next
  4. Select and Add all the divisions you want to group

In the Same as Division field:

  1. Select the Same as Division
    • Same as Division is the division that overwrites the other divisions
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Page 2 of catalog settings wizard showing the location of the Same as Division Field
Image 4: Catalog Settings Wizard Step 2
  1. Click Next
  2. Review the Wizard summary
  3. Click Finish
    • The confirmation dialog box will open
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Image 5: Grouped Divisions for One Manufacturer

The selected divisions are now in a group using the same manufacturer discount.

Individual Line Items

Grouping divisions by individual line items is the process of grouping divisions one by one. Use this method if you are:

  • Adding a division to a group that already exists 
  • Creating a group of two 

In the Catalog Settings window filter line item:

  1. Enter the Manufacturer Code or Manufacturer Name
  2. Click the Checkmark Icon
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Catalog Settings window showing the search bar are search checkmark button
Image 6: Manufacturer Search Bar
  1. Right-click on the division to overwrite
  2. Hover your cursor over:
    1. Move division
    2. The division number
    3. To same as division
Click image to enlarge
The menu path to put divisions in groups
Image 7: Right-Click Menu Path for Grouping
  1. Select the group or division with the appropriate discounts
    • A confirmation dialog box will open
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The group of divisions that was created using this method
Image 8: Group of Three Divisions

The division is now grouped with another division or group of divisions. 

Moving or Removing Divisions

Moving a division follows the same path and rules as Grouping Divisions by Individual Line Items. Removing divisions follows the same path except for step 4. c., instead you:

  1. c. Select To its own catalog 

The division leaves the group and uses a copy of the discounts from the group it left.

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The menu path to remove divisions from groups
Imagine 9: Right-Click Menu Path for Removing a Division from a Group

Applying Discounts

In the update, the order you enter manufacturer and division information in the Discounts window is different. 

In the Discounts window Mfg Code drop-down list:

  1. Select the manufacturer 

In the Division(s) drop-down list:

  1. Select the division or division group to apply the discounts
  2. Apply discounts as normal
    • String
    • Factor 
    • Net Priced 
Click image to enlarge
Discounts Window showing the drop-down menu locatoins for manufacturer and divisions
Image 10: Discounts Window Manufacturer Code Field & Divisions Field

The discount is now applied to the division or division group.

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