User Cannot Run Comsense Client Application: This app can't run on your PC

Issue - When a user attempts to log into the Comsense client application. They receive a message 'This app can't run on your PC' 

Cause—Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud prevented Apprestart.exe from setting the modified date on the Comsense.exe file once it was copied in from the TEMP folder. Disabling protection did not help, but setting an exception worked.

Environment -  This particular instance involved an account who is running Remote Desktop Services on their SQL Server machine, which is against our recommendations. This machine is also running Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud.

  • During the investigation, we found that the Comsense.exe file was of Zero size. This indicates that the main executable file has been damaged or did not update properly during the Apprestart step of the client update.

    mceclip0.pngResolution - We copied the client application files from the ComsenseTest folder, excluding Comsense.ini, into the Comsense folder. We figured that this would enable logging on and trigger a client update to the version stored in the Production database. This did happen, but the client update continued to fail. It was unable to properly set the modified date on the Comsense.exe file.


    IT staff disabled Symantec Endpoint Production Cloud, but we receive the same issue updating Comsense.exe.

    IT staff enabled Symantec Endpoint Production Cloud and added an exception to ignore activity in the Comsense folder. This successfully allowed the Apprestart.exe process to update the Comsense.exe file.
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