When Should I use a Sales Order with Openings vs. a Project

  • Issue - Users indicate that some of their colleagues enter small projects, 10-20 openings as a Sales Order with openings. The user is afraid that this creates the potential for errors and wonders if Comsense has a recommendation for the maximum number of openings to handle within a Sales Order instead of a project. Additionally, users wonder what the extra data related to Sales Order openings is used for since it doesn't seem to appear on any reports or other windows.

  • Environment—Sales Orders in Enterprise with 10-20 openings vs Projects in Advantage. 

  • Resolution  - The Openings tab on Sales Orders and Quotes is to facilitate the need to include this information on EDI orders with our door manufacturer partners. For example, VT industries require opening information for coordination of Wood Door orders.
    Our recommendation is to use projects in Advantage if any of these conditions exist:

    • The requirement for submittals,

    • The chance of change orders being used

    • A requirement for progress billing

  • Further, it becomes hard to track more than 6 openings on a Sales Order. In most cases, we find these situations are using typical material and having a template project that can be copied and then adjusted for specific requirements works very well and can accomplish the same goals with less effort and more accuracy than in Sales Orders.
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